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Morgan Freeman Once Played a Vegetable Vampire

You can’t escape your past, especially in 2017.

Even though Morgan Freeman is one of the most prolific actors in history, he too once had to work his way up the Hollywood ladder.

Earlier this week, Mental Floss shared some embarrassing (depends on who you ask) old footage of Freeman from his days on “The Electric Company” (1971-1977). Before Driving Miss Daisy, Shawshank Redemption or even the most recent Batman trilogy, Freeman was a sparkly vegetarian known as Vincent the Vegetable Vampire!

Vincent also likes to take a bath in a casket…

In a hilarious bonus clip, Freeman battles a Yeti on a crime spree, which also includes, yes, Spider-Man…



  • Timothy Young

    Morgan Freeman has said that he was drunk during most of his time on the Electric Company. Or at least, I’m 85% sure I read that in an interview many years ago.

    • Necro

      I don’t blame him

  • Necro

    Wow WTF!

  • April A. Taylor

    This is awesome, lol. Vincent the Vegetable Vampire apparently paved the way for Bunnicula and Count Duckula.


    And let’s not forget the original vegetable vampire, the dreaded Bunnicula!

    • April A. Taylor

      Bunnicula came out in 1979, which was two years after Freeman’s run on Electric Company. Perhaps he inspired the author. 🙂

      • MODOK

        Oh, I was thinking Electric Company was early ’80s. Nonetheless, Bunnicula will always be first in my heart. Sorry, Vampire Morgan Freeman.

        • April A. Taylor

          I grew up loving Bunnicula and Count Duckula, so I feel the same way.

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