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Why I’m Excited For Days of the Dead: Chicago

By Kris Manfredini:

As a horror fan, I’ve been to numerous conventions over the years. One that I go to annually is Days of the Dead in Chicago. It’s held in November (17-19th) so I always look at it as an extended Halloween. My typical routine consists of me meeting the celebs, looking at the goodies the vendors sell and then calling it a day. This year is going to be way different and here’s why…

Back in April, Days of the Dead announced that Alan Oppenheimer, the voice of Skeletor, among others, would be a guest at their convention in Kentucky. As a huge He-Man fan – Skeletor is the reason I got into horror in the first place – I instantly knew this was a trip I’d have to make. I’ve never seen his name at any other convention and didn’t want to miss the chance of meeting someone I never knew I wanted to meet so badly.

So I made the trip with my brother-in-law and was not disappointed in the least. Being that my options were to sit in my hotel room or hang at the convention all day, I spent more time than usual at the convention. I attended panels (the Friday the 13th one was amazing!), I attended several movie screenings, as well as the after parties. It was incredible and really opened my eyes to all that Days of the Dead have to offer. The best part? It was all included in the price of admission. Talking with Kane Hodder, CJ Graham, Derek Mears and Warrington Gillette is fun, but seeing these guys interact on stage, joking and ribbing with each other, was truly amazing!

They also had Captain and Maybelle attend where they actually set the world record for sword swallowing (24 inches!), live bands performed, and there was a double feature screening called “Terror From the 80s” (An American Werewolf In London and Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives).

To top it all off, they also had a tattoo convention going on simultaneously, with costume contests, makeup and special FX demonstrations, and a Days of the Dead Hall of Fame Ceremony.

Days of the Dead much more than just a convention, and I see this now, which is why I can’t wait until November when the show rolls into Chicago!



  • DaysOfTheDead truly know how to throw a great convention,for I really wished that that would really consider returning to Southern California for another DOTD event since Southern California really needs a annual yearly horror convention outside of Monsterpalooza,and that Monsterpalooza can’t do it all for there really needs to be a largely diverse choice of various horror themed conventions on the West Coast(unless DOTD decides to do a convention in San Diego). If DOTD decide to return to the West Coast,they should remember that having the likes of the cast of SHARKNADO and Corey Feldman headlining their shows doesn’t draw large crowds(as they did with their last two Los Angeles events). If the DOTD circuit can’t find a home in Southern California they can always consider giving the likes of Las Vegas(,Nevada) and/or Phoenix(,Arizona) a try.

    • Josh Nitsche

      They started selling life long passes to any days of the dead show when they were in California, and I bought one for $200, and they haven’t returned to LA since. Sure, it’s fine if I want to spend a thousand on a plane ticket/hotel, but in that case I’m only saving $60 on the weekend tickets. Kinda disappointing.

  • Necro

    I really have to try to get to this, maybe not this year, but definitely in the future! I’m assuming it doesn’t come to the East Coast like Jersey, Maryland, or Virginia does it?

  • Dennis Chenier

    He-Man was literally my childhood and Skeletor was the perfect villain.

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