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Two More “Bize-Size” Horror Short Commercials Discovered!

Trick or treat, indeed!

The coolest promotion this Halloween season is a collaboration between and Mars Candy, who created a series of 12 two-minute long short films that have been air as commercials this October. We’ve detailed two of them, while also reaching out to several individuals at Mars and Fox for more information. While nobody was able to give us any info, we were able to learn quite a bit about the Skittles-themed “Floor.9.5”, which was directed by Toby Meakins(Breathe, Lot 254). In addition to the elevator to Hell, we also shared Jack Bishop and Justin Nijm‘s excellent short film “The Road”, which took a family down a road to dispell an urban legend.

Two more shorts were detailed by Ad Weekly, although it’s unclear if we’ll ever see the other eight:

Starburst “Replacement”

Director: Christopher Leone
Stars: Jack McGraw, Aidan McGraw

Starburst’s “Replacement” concerns a young boy who is visited by, and then usurped by, a frightening, masked doppelgänger.

Snickers “Live Bait”

Director: Andrew Laurich
Writers: Gabriel Miller, Andrew Laurich
Star: Brian Donahue

Finally, Snickers presents “Live Bait,” a tale of a fisherman on whom the table are suddenly turned.



  • Riiiiiiiiiight

    Pretty sure I saw a very similar short to the 2nd one (fisherman) years back that took place on a beach… I seem to remember the actor being Leonardo DiCaprio… and he takes a bite of a Twinkie (or something) that was lying on the sand and gets yanked into the ocean.

    • Brandon

      There was an episode of Tales from the Cryptkeeper that was very similar. Shit’s as old as time.

      • creepyoldman

        • Brandon

          Thanks for pointing this out; I love these kinds of stories!

  • MaryMaria

    These are great, bring on some more!

  • biff

    These are awesome, but nothing will ever beat

  • Jonathan Reed

    The Live Bait one is the one I emailed you about a couple of weeks ago

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