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Watch Several Sharks Attack a Submarine!

In advance of a new episode of the now-airing “Blue Planet II”, the BCC One released behind-the-scenes footage that heads 700m deep to see what happens to a whale carcass on a seabed.

What they find are several sixgill sharks competing for food. When the submarine parks in front of their dinner, the sharks see it as further competition and begin to attack. It turns into the setup for a horror film and is borderline frightening, especially when one of the passengers exclaims, “I’m a little bit afraid.”



  • BBC One*


  • That so creepy…once you removed all the fake noises.

  • Kristoffer Groves

    They weren’t really afraid. They knew exactly what to expect, and they were just being drama queens. Still, it’s a pretty cool video.

  • McGilli

    I’ve seen shark attacks before… I don’t think that qualifies. Will get a lot of hits though due to the title of the page.

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