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You Can Own Lizzie Borden’s Massachusetts Home

Image via AP
Image via AP

Looking for a home in and near  Fall River, Massachusetts? The NY Times highlights several properties including a 1889 house with eight bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms that was owned and occupied by Lizzie Borden after she was acquitted of murdering her father and stepmother.

While not the same house in which the murders took place (that’s now a bed and breakfast for morbid ghost-hunting ghouls),  this Queen Anne Victorian is in the Highlands historic district, an upscale section that was known as the Hill when Lizzie Borden and her sister, Emma Borden, bought the house in 1893 and named it Maplecroft. Almost completely restored with the help of historians, the home is being sold with all of its period-appropriate furnishings and decorative objects. 

Taxes are only five grand. Shit, maybe I’ll move to Mass.?



  • Necro

    Well fuck that! I thought it was the house in which the murders took place! Nope!

    • But then you’d have to deal with all the gawker’s who want to come by and stare at “that house.” Please, let me be as far away from tourists as possible.

      • Necro

        Yeah that would get a bit old!

    • Travis_Bickle

      I stayed at that house on my Honeymoon. Its nice but the rooms are crazy small. Fall River(the town that it’s in) is a shithole.

      • Necro

        Don’t feel bad Travis, the town that I live in Lebanon, Pa, is even more of a shithole!

  • I live in Fall River and can confirm what @disqus_Zk6mY15NoH:disqus said: Fall River is in fact, a shit hole.

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