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[Gift Guide] ‘Friday the 13th’ Star Launches New “Crystal Lake Campfire” Wine

If you’re shopping for a Friday the 13th fan this holiday season, you can’t do much better than picking up a bottle of Adrienne King’s Friday the 13th-themed wine!

For the last several years, King (who played final girl Alice Hardy in the original classic) has been selling wine through her Crystal Lake Wines label, offering multiple different varietals with names and labels inspired by the Friday the 13th franchise: “13,” “Survivor’s Syrah” and “Cabin A Suavignon,” to name just a few.

This week, just in time for holiday ordering, King launched a brand new varietal dubbed “Crystal Lake Campfire,a Pinot Noir described as a “smooth & enticing medium red with a bit of smoke on the first sip followed by lots of berry and cherry flavors.”

One bottle of the new Crystal Lake Campfire will run you $25 in the Crystal Lake Wines shop, and you can save money by ordering a case of 6 (6% off) or case of 12 (13% off).

We should note that all varietals have a three bottle order minimum.



  • Adrienne is cool as fuck, I have so much respect for her. Her stalker story is terrifying, I’m so glad shes still here and carrying her legacy with this idea. I wont be purchasing a bottle but hopefully many others do!

    • biff

      Not much of a wine drinker myself either, but hella cool marketing there.

    • turk

      I met her at a con in Chicago. Really super nice. Still a bit peeved she chopped up a real snake in F13, though…

  • Well I love wine and I love Friday the 13th so there goes my money. I’m such a sucker lol.

  • Rohan

    I met her in Dallas. She was selling wine and art, and was talking to everyone. She was awesome.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Adrienne is a super-sweet lady. She got a raw deal on her abrupt exit from the franchise. Hope she does well with this.

    • Forca84

      She wanted to be killed off in part 2. At the time she was dealing with a bad Stalker. She took a break from acting because of it. She did do voice acting for awhile. But has done a little acting here and there the past several years.

      • Flu-Like Symptoms

        In Crystal Lake Memories she doesn’t actually say whether or not she wanted to die, but she openly agrees with the fans who feel ripped off that she got it so suddenly after the way her character hung on in part 1. She arrived to the set of 2 not knowing Alice was going to be killed and wasn’t happy with the way she was quickly booted aside.

        • Forca84

          Per Imdb: At the time she agreed to do part 2 because it only required two days of work. She agreed to it because of her Stalker and wanted to be done quickly. Unless she thought she was doing Flashback work. 2 days of filning is fast. Pretty shoddy if no one told her she’d be killed off right off the bat.

          I also read she wanted her part to be left open. But of course it wasn’t. I was going by the Imdb Trivia (which anyone can edit. And was conflicting. )

          • Flu-Like Symptoms

            Thanks for the reference and source. Interesting. She talks about the stalker ordeal in chapter 1 of CLM where they cover the original film. In chapter 2 she only mentions feeling ripped off by the quick way Alice was ousted. Maybe she did want to get killed off in hopes of quelling the stalker’s motives, but after a more substantial role that did the character more justice.

  • Simon Allen

    Doesn’t she look great !
    I do wish our “Alice” one of the most awesome final girls EVER , all the best .

    • J Jett

      i agree! she looks fantastic! i adore Adrienne. Alice was so likable/relateable in F13. Alice, Amy Steel’s Ginny (pt.2) & Kimberly Beck’s Trish (pt.4) are the best F13 final girls IMO. i loved Danielle Panabaker’s Jenna character (and Amanda Righetti’s Whitney too) in the 2009 film

      • Simon Allen


        • J Jett

          TOTALLY, right? Danielle really made Jenna one of the most likable characters i’ve ever seen in a horror movie. her death was so shocking/upsetting. it was also filmed/set up beautifully.

          • Simon Allen

            Almost but not quite as upsetting as losing Helen in IKWYDLS. 🙁 Boo Hoo !

  • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

    Very cool. I think I may just order me a bottle. Plus it’s nice seeing a “final girl’ from the 80’s embrace it instead of turning their backs on horror and being ashamed of having roles in these great films

  • Carl Chrystan

    They should bring out a Michael Myers one and call it “Hallo-wine”!

    • It does look extremely novelty friendly

  • Brian


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