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Walmart Has a ‘Freddy vs. Jason’ Christmas Shirt That You Probably Need

The only thing better than Freddy vs. Jason is Freddy AND Jason.

Walmart has in recent years been offering up fun horror shirts, most of which seem to be available exclusively around Halloween time. They’re not always the best shirts, but at a mere $7.50 each, well, let’s just say you won’t find cheaper horror shirts on the market.

This year, Walmart has put up for grabs a Christmas-themed shirt that unites Freddy and Jason for the holiday season, and it’s now available in stores nationwide.

Well, even the most evil killers like to sit down by the Christmas Tree and exchange presents,” reads Walmart’s description. “This shirt features two of the worst of the worst. The tee features a Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees graphic from the horror movies A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th. Freddy is sitting in a chair while Jason with his bloody sword stands nearby. A perfect setting for their family photo by the Christmas Tree and presents.”

The shirt appears to be an in-store exclusive, however you can purchase it through Walmart’s website from a third party seller. The only catch? It’s $19.99 online.

“His bloody sword.” Yes, we’re laughing about that too.



  • The chicken man

    I saw this shirt recently, and I would usually buy anything Freddy/Jason related, but I just couldn’t. I thought they were both drawn very badly, and just look weird.

    • Flu-Like Symptoms

      Agreed. Too gimmicky for me and Jason is all screwed up. I was on the look out for that cool Part V shirt they were sporting recently though, but I never could find one in my area.

    • Marla

      Well, this is the Chinese import Freddy and Jason.

  • I guess you could say that Wal-Mart is… (ahem) killing it with these T-shirts.

    • The chicken man

      Points for the pun. 🙂

    • The One and Only

  • Well I have every other Freddy and Jason merchandise, might as well get this.

  • Necro

    That shirt would be so much better if it actually had X-Mas Horror villains on it.

  • ChampionOfLight

    Why is his machete bleeding? …I know Jason gets creative with kills but the blood should be along the blade of the weapon.

    • Mark Largent

      Maybe its because he stabbed someone?

      • ChampionOfLight

        I mean then the blood would be more prominent over the front of it but it literally looks like blood spilled on it instead of from it…

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