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Funko Shows Off Tons More New Toys; Carrie! Norman Bates! Tiffany!

Hold on to your butts. And get ready to open your wallets.

Just a few short hours after unveiling an incredibly cool wave of POP! vinyl toys based on The Shining, Funko has just unleashed yet another mother lode of awesome. First up, a new wave of Horror Dorbz is on the horizon, including new toys of Beetlejuice, Pennywise and Jack Torrance (with a “Frozen Jack” 1-in-6 chase variant).

Additionally, Hot Topic will be getting a new Gizmo Horror Dorbz toy, while Books-a-Million will be the only place to find a variant Beetlejuice Dorbz toy.

But that’s not all.

Also coming this summer is Series 4 of Funko’s Horror POP! collection, including Carrie in bloody prom dress, Norman Bates dressed as Mother, Chucky’s bride Tiffany, and possessed doll Annabelle. Tiffany will have a blood-splattered 1-in-6 chase variant, while a black & white version of the Norman Bates toy will be found at FYE.

Check out all the new toys below!





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