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Check Out the Hot Wheels Halloween 2017 Collection!

We are so close to Halloween season. I can feel it.

Every year, Mattel puts out a line of Halloween-themed Hot Wheels vehicles around, well, Halloween, and it seems that Walmart stores have already begun putting this year’s lineup out onto shelves. Yes. In mid-July.

The man behind blog The Lamley Group just stumbled upon this year’s Halloween cars at his local Walmart, giving us an early peek at the 2017 wave. It looks like eight brand new cars are headed our way for Halloween 2017, including the following spooktastic vehicles:

  • ’52 Chevy Truck (black)
  • ’71 Plymouth Satellite (gold)
  • Olds 442 Off-Road (light blue)
  • Muscle Tone (purple)
  • Zotic (zamac)
  • Scorcher (orange)
  • Great Gatspeed (black)
  • Ratical Racer (red)

All of this year’s cars have a shared theme, as they each feature tires with skull-shaped rims. Pretty cool. You can check out all of the Halloween 2017 Hot Wheels below!



  • Bloodkry

    I’ll be going to my nearest Walmart store as soon as possible.

  • Tsunomboid

    They will look good on my wall.

  • Necro

    Two things:

    1) ‘Hot Wheels’ should do a line of Horror movie vehicles, any famous vehicle associated with the genre.
    2) If I wasn’t a collector of Horror memorabilia I could see myself collecting ‘Hot Wheels’, I always thought they were very cool.

    • Eddy Foote

      I’ve got the Universal Monster Hot Wheels that came out in 2013. Really cool little collection, but it would be best if they did Texas Chainsaw, F13, Halloween, Hellraiser, etc.

      • Necro

        Hell yeah! I’m not surprised when stuff like this comes about considering how popular Horror is. Then again in this case I’m surprised they haven’t released anything yet. Well I guess there’s still time.

        • Eddy Foote

          They did release the paper boat from IT. I thought it was a joke at first, but sure enough you can find them on eBay.

      • Necro

        One for sure is ‘Christine’

    • HalesTales

      In the late Nineties some rando toy company came out with this line of hearses with skull hood ornaments that, when pressed, would shoot out a different colored coffin containing a different monster. They had Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, a skeleton, etc. They were my favorites.

    • Hardcore F’n Mudd

      Loomis’/ Myers car from Halloween.
      Freddys car from the end of NOES with the striped roof.
      The car from, uh, The Car.
      And last but not least, an Ice Cream van with mini Clint Howard figure.

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