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This Fan Just Made Fun Toys Based On ’80s Slasher VHS Tapes



We all love ’80s slashers, VHS tapes and toys. So why not combine all three?!

Dan Polydoris, the man behind Death by Toys, is responsible for hand-crafting some of the most unique custom horror toys we’ve ever seen. We’ve covered his work a few times over the years, highlighting his hilarious The Fog “action figure” as well as his small scale replica of Will’s bike from “Stranger Things.”

Now, Polydoris is back with a line of custom toys based on slasher movie VHS art!

As a kid, perusing horror movies at the video store was pretty much the pinnacle of human existence for me,” he wrote over on the Death by Toys website. “Since 80’s slashers hold such a special place in my heart, I took some of my favorite 80’s slasher tapes and turned them into custom horror toys.”

The VHS boxes provided the design for each cardback, while the toys themselves are made from a combo of repurposed toys, original sculpts and household items.”

Here’s the breakdown of what’ll be available:

  • The Burning – 3 available.
  • Slumber Party Massacre –1 available.
  • Just Before Dawn – 1 available.
  • Maniac – 5 available
  • Night School – 2 available.
  • Pieces – 2 available.
  • Happy Birthday to Me – 2 available
  • The Mutilator – 1 available.

The extremely limited toys, which include Cropsy from The Burning, the killer from Night School and even a bloody scalp from Maniac, will be available in the Death by Toys online store on Thursday, July 20 at 12:30 p.m. CST.