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Boglins Creator Now Selling Adorable Baby Boglins!



The Boglins are back. And they’re cuter than ever!

One of my personal favorite toy lines of all time is the Boglins, monstrous rubber hand puppets that first hit store shelves back in 1987. Created by Tim Clarke and Maureen Trotto, the rubbery bog creatures were released by Mattel, and the icing on the cake is that they came housed inside of boxes made to look like containment cages.

Along with the main line, spinoffs such as Glow-in-the-Dark Boglins, Soggy Boglins and Acrobat Boglins were released, along with the truly awesome Halloween Boglins.

Over the years, Tim Clarke has been keeping the Boglins alive in various different ways, and he just recently launched an independently-released line of what he calls “IMPS,” which are essentially Baby Boglins. Contained in netting, the soft flexible hand puppets are hand-made as close to the originals as Clarke could get.

Currently available are green and blue IMPS, with the green ones available with either blue or yellow eyes. They’re all selling for $35 apiece over in Tim’s shop.

Adopt one today!