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Horror Madballs Now Available Exclusively at Best Buy!

Straight out of the 1980s (and my own childhood), the Madballs line of squishy monster balls returned to toy shelves earlier this year, which made me feel all warm and nostalgic inside. One of the companies behind the multi-company revival is Kidrobot, who have just delivered on a promise they made a while back…


As we told you earlier this year, Kidrobot has whipped up a line of horror icon Madballs, which are now exclusively available in Best Buy stores. The 4″ series of foam balls in the Horror & Sci-fi Series includes a Xenomorph and Face Hugger from the Alien franchise, along with Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface and Predator.

Again, these are available only at Best Buy, where they are selling for $9.99 each.



  • RJ MacReady

    No Michael Meyers?

    • Mike

      Its a rights issue. Neca, who is teamed with Kidrobot, doesn’t have the Halloween rights.

      • RJ MacReady

        Gotcha. Thanks

  • chuck

    these are rad!

  • C3PO Cereal

    At least Best Buy isn’t charging $99 for these like they were for cases of water during Hurricane Harvey.

    F*ck Best Buy.

  • Otterlee

    Ok, where are my keys…

  • Neat.

  • Leland_Gaunt

    Are they really made out of foam?! If so, that sucks. The old madballs were rubber filled with air. If these are just cheap foam, I’ll pass.

    • Drew Dahmer

      Not true actually. I had some originals from the 80’s. They were foam. You may be thinking about one of (the many) re-releases.

      • Leland_Gaunt

        No, actually, it is true. I don’t doubt you had some of the originals from the 80’s, but I had THE original Series 1 Madballs (not the second series, super Madballs, or re-releases, which is most likely what you had) and they are all rubber. I’m literally holding the one I managed to keep (Horn Head) as we speak.

        Foam didn’t come till after series 1. And they were crap.

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