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Mattel Previews “WWE Monsters” Action Figures

In recent years, Mattel has been embracing its dark side by unleashing waves of action figures that have turned the superstars of WWE into zombies and mutants, and they’re continuing the horror-inspired trend with a new series that they just showed off this past weekend at Ringside Fest.

These photos courtesy of Ringside Collectibles tease the “WWE Monsters” line, which gives monstrous makeovers to some of WWE’s top stars from past and present.

The collection looks to include six figures, turning Roman Reigns into a werewolf, Chris Jericho into a Mummy, Braun Strowman into Frankenstein’s monster, The Undertaker into some kind of hellish, winged demon, Jake “The Snake” Roberts into, well, king of the snakes(?), and Asuka into what looks to be a member of the undead army.

Preview the WWE Monsters below!

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  • Grimphantom

    Wow, these suck! The Undertaker is the only one worth getting, not to mention they do change his appearance where unlike the others, i feel they are just in bad make up or something.

  • Jason Eugene Silvey

    I have avoided the zombie and mutant waves like the plague, but there’s something about that Jake the Snake. Honestly, I’m not hating Franken-Braun either. But Roman Reigns as a werewolf makes no sense when Baron Corbin’s gimmick is clearly “balding werewolf biker of the apocalypse.”

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