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Here’s Lucas from McFarlane’s “Stranger Things” Action Figure Line

The massive popularity of “The Walking Dead” led McFarlane Toys to acquire the license right out the gate, and they’ve similar wasted no time with “Stranger Things.

As we recently told you, 7″ action figures of Eleven, Chief Hopper, Dustin and the Demogorgon are coming next year from McFarlane, and Lucas Sinclair is joining them!

“An integral piece to the strange things that occur in Hawkins, Indiana Lucas is there for his friends. Never afraid to voice his opinion, Lucas is strong and always there for friends, no matter what the risk.”

The figure features 12+ points of articulation and a spectacular likeness of Lucas sculpted from images of actor Caleb McLaughlin. Lucas includes wrist rocket, flashlight and interchangeable hands. His outfit includes Lucas’ iconic commando headband and corduroy jacket.

Look for this one, and all the McFarlane “Stranger Things” toys, in Feb 2018.



  • purplegnome

    sorry but that looks like a women

    • Necro

      You took the words right out of my mouth! SERIOUSLY!

  • Necro

    Yeah if I was Caleb I’d be calling my agent or somebody to get that pulled from distribution! It looks like a fucking woman! And if they were using my ‘likeness’ they better go back to the drawing board and make me look more ‘manly’! They should’ve went with NECA instead! Now I do like McFarlane figures, for I have my fair share of them in my collection, but this has got to be the worst one they ever released!

  • Creepshow

    This is great. I’ve been wanting a Lupita Nyong’o action figure for quite some time now.

    • Brandon

      In a Red Dawn get-up no less. “Wolverines!”

  • JoeInTheBox

    Kind of odd to have a young Michonne from The Walking Dead figure.

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