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Funko’s “Stranger Things” Season 2 Toys Include Dart Nesting Doll!

Adding to their already massive line of “Stranger Things” toys and merch, Funko has today unveiled a seriously cool wave of forthcoming Season 2 collectibles!

For starters, they’ve turned Dart into a “SuperCute Plush” nesting doll, featuring the life cycle of Dustin’s new friend as a cute, but terrifying, plush doll. The rapidly growing Dart starts as a small 1” pollywog, then a 2” slug, and finally Dart becomes a 9” tall Demodog! Each stage of Dart fits comfortably inside the other.

Additionally, a new series of Funko’s “Stranger Things” POP! vinyl line will include Dart (with a 1-in-6, closed mouth chase variant), a 6″ version of the Demogorgon, a Target exclusive 8-bit POP of the Demogorgon (with a closed mouth chase variant), a Hot Topic exclusive Dustin w/Dart, and a BoxLunch exclusive Punk Eleven.

Head over to Funko’s blog for more info and full release details!




  • Kyle Ord

    Wow, I’m on episode two.

    Couldn’t have used a different header image for this?

    Cause it seems pretty spoilery and unavoidable.

    It’s the first thing you see when you come to the site

    • Hayden Koutras

      not saying you’re wrong because there should be a spoiler warning.. but its been almost 3 weeks since the season released and your on episode 2.. you gotta accept a little bit of responsibility for that one.

      • Kyle Ord

        What can I say, I have a lot of tv to watch lol

        Plus in the age of Netflix andnother similar platforms I think the default position should be that somone hasnt seen it all as opposed to everyone has see everything.

        I mean it’s gotten to the point where movies released on friday are being spoiled on Monday because “ everyone who wanted to see it has already”

        Our default shouldn’t be to spoil

    • Jack Derwent

      I was similarly spoiled (via a t-shirt on day of the release) but if it makes you feel any better it’s not a HUGE spoiler like you might think. They don’t take their time in revealing it at least.

    • I can assure you, there are no plush monsters in the second season of Stranger Things.

  • KnegaKnick

    Looks dumb. A plush toy with a butthole face.

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