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Wrap Your Holiday Presents With This ‘Gremlins’ Wrapping Paper!

What better horror film to get its own wrapping paper?!

One of the movies most horror fans watch every holiday season is the Christmas-set Gremlins, and this year you can watch while wrapping gifts… in Gremlins paper!

Being sold by Gallery 1988, this awesome “Gremlins Giftwrap” comes courtesy of artist Ryan Brinkerhoff, and it’s a numbered, limited edition of just 100 tubes.

Measuring 19.5 x 27 inches, the art is digitally printed on cougar smooth paper.

Grab a roll for just $20!



  • The chicken man

    That is beyond awesome! I wouldn’t want to tear into the gift.


  • Creepshow

    Limited edition huh? WTF do you do with it besides throw it in the closet?

  • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

    Had me, then immediately lost me with “$20!”

    For wrapping paper…seriously?

    • Creepshow

      And you only get 5 sheets. Oh, and don’t forget to bend over further for shipping.

      • suckit15694

        holy shit 15 bucks for shipping ! ouch

        • Creepshow

          Goddamn! It depends on where you live, but I had an absolute minimum of 6 bucks in my head. I wasn’t gonna go through the check-out process to find out. Thanks for taking the hit bud.

          • suckit15694

            na didn’t get it just checked the price . funk that

          • Creepshow

            You went further than I wanted to. For that, I thank you.

          • suckit15694

            no prob it is so ridiculous . its like buying a ticket from ticketmaster

          • Creepshow

            Ticketmaster is far far more sinister.

  • jose ramirez

    Awesome but too pricey.

  • Glitchiee Glitch

    1… buy a printer if you do not have one 2… find print you like 3…. print …4 wrap

  • David Downs

    sold out already.

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