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We’ll Buy Medicom’s Upcoming ‘RoboCop’ Figure for 70 Dollars

We’ll Buy Medicom’s Upcoming ‘RoboCop’ Figure for 70 Dollars

Many different companies have released various RoboCop action figures over the years, including NECA, but Medicom’s upcoming offering is one of the best we’ve seen.

Unveiled and fully detailed this week, the Japanese company’s 6.3″ tall MAFEX figure will include, ToyArk reports, multiple interchangeable lower face parts, interchangeable masks, Auto-9 pistol with a flash muzzle effects piece, interchangeable hands (including spiked hand), interchangeable chest plate and swap out leg holster pieces.

He’ll also come with an articulated figure stand.

The figure will release in September 2018, selling for around $70.

Check out images below and see more over on ToyArk!



  • John

    I just want a RoboCain that won’t send me to the poor house.

    • Joshua

      NECA wouldn’t even attempt it. They said it would be too expensive.

  • biff

    Just wow. You can almost hear him saying “Stay out of — trouble.”

  • If you want quality, you have to pay for it.

  • Fufv rur45

    Sized down version of the hot toys one. Awesome. Must..fuckn….have…it.

  • Joshua

    Takes a huge shit on neca’s. The likeness is spot on. Looks like they were able to get the likeness rights to Peter Weller. Something that NECA couldn’t even do.

  • It’s not Sideshow Collectibles, but it’s a sweet alternative.

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