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Spike’s “The Mist” Gets a Premiere Director

Spike is ramping up production for a TV series based on Stephen King’s “The Mist” and now news has broken that Emmy-award winning director Adam Bernstein will be helming the premiere episode, according to Deadline.

“The Mist” tells a harrowing story about a seemingly innocuous mist that seeps into a small town and creates immense havoc.

The series will receive 10 one-hour episodes. Production kicks off this summer and a 2017 premiere date is anticpated.



  • Satanzilla

    This is fantastic news. I hope it focuses more on the infestation from the other dimension and less on King’s heavy-handed and obvious morality tale.

  • Daniel Anderson

    Well, it’ll be a good idea if it really goes through the depths of what the movie entailed. It’ll fail if it turns into a drama filled The Walking Dead which has more to do with petty things than it does surviving against cannibals and zombies.

  • Bobby Jones

    i”ll watch, if the kid dies the same way

  • Joe Brick (TGOL)

    Read the long short story it’s based on and hope they stay true to the book!
    This could be awesome if they pull no punches.

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