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Fans Are Begging FOX To Renew “The Exorcist”; Here’s How You Can Help

Remember “Hannibal”? The one that got away. Let’s not let it happen again.

From what I’ve seen across social media, pretty much everyone who has actually given “The Exorcist” a chance has realized that it’s one of the very best horror shows on TV right now. Admittedly, like everyone else, we had written it off before it ever even aired, but it became immediately clear to us that the show was interested in something more than capitalizing on the brand and making a quick buck. The Jeremy Slater-created series is smart, fresh, and thoroughly compelling each and every week, and it’s been nothing short of a treat for fans of the original film.

Unfortunately, the reality here is that as good as “The Exorcist” is, the ratings aren’t so good. And when a TV show’s ratings aren’t very good, you don’t need us to tell you what happens. With dwindling numbers each week, there’s a likelihood that FOX may pull the plug rather than order a second season… but we encourage you to at least try and make sure that doesn’t happen.

This past Friday night, the seventh episode of “The Exorcist” pulled in just 1.6 million viewers, down from the previous week’s 1.8 million. The steady decline in ratings has been happening on a week-to-week basis, and when you consider that 2.8 million viewers tuned in for the premiere, you can see just how much of a dip those numbers have taken over the course of the past two months. To put all of this into some form of context: at the time NBC cancelled “Hannibal,” another fantastic horror series that pushed boundaries, about 1 million viewers were watching.

So how can you help? Slater has been encouraging fans of the show to post about it on social media as much as possible, and with Episode 8 airing tonight, the fan-driven #RenewTheExorcist is on the verge of trending on Twitter. This is one of those situations where we the fans have the power to keep something we love alive, so don’t underestimate the importance of your tweets.

Check out the handy guide below for more ways you can lend a hand!

“The Exorcist” airs Friday nights at 9/8 on FOX.

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  • Aaron King

    Really loving this show and hope to see go it go on for a while. If it does get cancelled that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be resurrected. Cagney and Lacey, which too starred Sharon Gless, was cancelled a couple times and came back.

  • J Jett

    i definitely love this show too. unfortunately i don’t twat or tweet or twit or whatever but i do post on the show’s IMDB discussion board (for what that’s worth) and i gave it a rating of 9 (out of 10) on IMDB as well. i’m prepared for this show to only get this first season but would be in heaven (see what i did there? LOL) if it got a second season. fingers crossed!

    • The Drucifer

      I love to twit and twat it’s the tweet that confuses me

      • Mr. Dry

        Twating is one of my fav activities ever!

        • J Jett

          LOL. i went through phases. first it was twatting then twitting but now it’s just twitching. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Saturn

            Sounds like you are describing this classic scene …..

          • J Jett

            my twitching is just like that! yes! lol. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • The Drucifer

          Twatting a twit?

          • Mr. Dry

            Of course!

  • Angela M Campany

    ……………..and i would be one of them ! #RenewExorcistFox

  • Grimphantom

    Sadly it’s not that easy, i already seen this before on shows i like and each of them get canceled, we can try but i doubt the Exorcist have enough fans to support it unless it does good with DVD sells they might consider renewing the show.

    These are cartoons but we have seen that Samurai Jack and Young Justice are getting a revival because of how popular these 2 are and the support by the fans it does give ya some hope.

    • J Jett

      Grim, when is SAMURAI JACK returning? i knew it got picked up again on Cartoon Network but i just haven’t heard/read when it’s coming back. i love that show! i can’t wait!

      • Grimphantom

        You might hear that last year was announced of the revival. The only thing that updated was showing the creator himself along with the people who worked on the original series returning.

        Everyone thought that it will premier this year but it does appear it will air in 2017, probably it does take time and lets be honest the quality the show has it has to take time to make it really good so we can still wait a bit more and i know it will be worth it

        • J Jett

          thanx for the info, Grim! i’m psyched! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Grimphantom

            Also if you’re a fan of Invader Zim it will get a TV animated movie

  • Samael

    Sadly, shows like this and Hannibal and dare I say Person of Interest get cancelled, and yet terrible shows like Supernatural stay on forever.

    • Saturn

      Because Supernatural is a good show.
      It may not be, like The Simpsons, as strong as it was in the earlier seasons, but it still has enough to offer in the terms of entertainment.

      • Samael

        I’ll up vote you and just say lets agree to disagree ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Saturn

          And out of respect I just did the same. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Brian

    Please please please get 2ND season leveryone I know loves it

  • Brian

    Always cancel best shows and keep the worst much you can do with this show

  • Myke Isolep

    The show has been in a ratings slide since the first episode. People simply aren’t catching on. Horror fans may like it – I think it’s fantastic – but Fox is, at least in America, more of basic cable channel. On the East Coast the lead in is Hell’s Kitchen. Maybe that was a funny marketing quip, but it’s just not working. But nothing really works well on Friday nights, anyhow. Fox did a fantastic job with the show, but terrestrial cable on Friday night was never, ever the true place for The Exorcist.

    Nothing we can do can “save” the show. You need at least a 1 share. Depending on how the ending of episode 10 was shot, we may or may not get some closure. Truthfully, I’d be okay with his being an episodic sequel. I actually fear a second season, especially if it’s with the Rance family.

    Either way, we’ve gotten a true sequel to the original. I’m happy even if it’s a short-lived experience. If you really want a Season 2, start the outreach to Hulu / Netflix / Amazon Prime, as they are the only saviors of a second season at this point…unless, of course, the next day plays on Hulu / Fox / other streaming entities is so strong that the rating shares are irrelevant. That’s usually the case in many scenarios where a show “should” get cancelled, but doesn’t.

    • CB Punk

      There’s only one show that ever truly thrived and grew on Fridays. The X Files.

  • CPA

    The press isn’t reporting the behind the scenes drama here. Maybe if Fox execs hadn’t micromanaged this show, it would have done better. As it stands, the end can’t come soon enough for some of us.

    • Julie Prescott

      why? what reasons do you have to say that? personally, I’m enjoying the show

  • Darth patton

    After losing hannibal i seriously considered dumping fox forever, now after exorcist im done..these are great shows i hate getting wrapped up in them and then fox cancels them everytime…..and who didnt like hannibal? What a beautifully made show,its realy sad no one picked it up

    • Richter Belmont

      Hannibal was on NBC.

      • Darth patton

        To many dabs

  • J Jett

    HOLY CRAP!! tonight’s ep (ep.8) of this show was fucking awesome! i
    never saw that shocking ending coming at all! WOW! i’m just pissed now
    that (from what i understand) there’s a 3 fucking week break until the
    final 2 eps!! THAT’S FUCKING BULLSHIT! and networks wonder why people
    don’t want to watch their shows. we’re tired of being dicked over by

    • johnhelvete

      The broadcast networks have a fundamental lack of understanding why so many cable dramas breakthrough and the lack of breaks for most cable shows are probably one of the reasons.

    • Miranda

      I kind of thought that would be the direction the show would take. I knew that exorcism was a little too clean and neat. I suspected that ulterior motive once we had all the information about who was who.

  • Katz4

    I LOVE The Exorcist! The character portrayals are great, the story and ‘side story’ captivating and tonight’s episode was awesome! Look forward to seeing it every Friday…much more so than American Horror Story which I thought was REALLY weak this season!

  • Simon Allen

    I’ve been blowing the trumpet for it right from the start ….i think it’s gonna go ๐Ÿ™ but it would just be so great if it didn’t .
    C’mon FOX take a chance you got something really special here .

  • Creature_of_the_Night

    Last night’s show was awesome – it was motion picture quality.

    The make-up they use on Casey is outstanding.

  • FlixtheCat

    It doesn’t surprise me:

    1. Fox has no respect for scifi, fantasy, and or horror.
    2. The show stinks. I won’t shed a tear.

    • Truther612

      First, the show doesn’t stink..and more importantly? We need
      to understand that in 1973, when William Peter Blatty’s novel
      became a actual movie dealing with? Infestation, Oppression
      and actual Possession it scared people to death

      up to that point demons were looked upon as figments of
      imagination, treated like fairy tales about the boogeyman
      eyes exploded out of peoples heads (not literally) b/c now
      what they thought was fantasy? Now became as real as it

      Shows like this scare people! b/c they want to keep their
      checks and balances in place! Like their beliefs that the
      Catholic church isn’t corrupt/evil. Sadly you have? the non
      Catholic right, who stand with their Catholic brothers/sisters
      ignoring what’s going on, while you have Catholics so far
      indoctrinated into the “church” No matter what you show
      them as far as evidence. They’ll never believe it

      so what’s their answer to this? pull the plug on a show that
      blows the doors off these subjects, Americans can go back
      to living in their fantasy world, The “church” continues it’s
      corrupt and evil ways peace and harmony restored

      the end

      • FlixtheCat

        Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

        • Truther612

          That is actually based on facts!! not opinion

          • FlixtheCat

            citations needed please.

          • Truther612
          • FlixtheCat

            Actualy I wanted citations for these facts:

            “Shows like this scare people! b/c they want to keep their
            checks and balances in place! Like their beliefs that the
            Catholic church isn’t corrupt/evil. Sadly you have? the non
            Catholic right, who stand with their Catholic brothers/sisters
            ignoring what’s going on, while you have Catholics so far
            indoctrinated into the “church” No matter what you show
            them as far as evidence. They’ll never believe it so what’s their answer to this? pull the plug on a show that
            blows the doors off these subjects, Americans can go back
            to living in their fantasy world, The “church” continues it’s
            corrupt and evil ways peace and harmony restored.”

            I’d love to know who uncovered this and how, please.

          • Truther612

            I could easily hand you the info, but then again
            what good would you get out of it? It’s more fun
            to actually research (as I have done) then put
            what you have learned forward discussing the
            various points

            I gave you the movie goers – Now it’s up to
            you to research the info on the Vatican and
            Catholic church providing what you found?

          • FlixtheCat

            The burden of proof lies squarely on you but whatever, I’ll drop it and move on.

          • Truther612

            That is not true at all! The burden of proof? lays not
            on 1 doing the research but both..and this is where I
            stand. I’ve done the research you just mouth off
            and want it hand fed without having to do any work

            so until you change that attitude then yes the
            matter is dropped time to move on

    • CapedBaldy

      Your opinions stink fuck0

  • SXiPPY

    This show has been nothing short of an amazing surprise, I just wrote Fox to support it because it totally deserves renewal. I wasn’t aware that it was ever made to be anything more than a limited series, but if there were a chance for season 2; I’m game.

  • The trailer was really bad but the show is good, I’m enjoying.

  • Teresa West

    I really like the show! It pushes the boundaries of prime time TV. I’ve watched the movies so my expectations were really high. I hope for a 2nd season!

  • Alex Harbie

    Fox mishandles horror plenty.I say let another network pick it up. Preferably on something like Starz or HBO. Look at what it did for Ash vs. Evil Dead, and the production would be even more badass.

  • Angela Christen Banks

    save this and put out season 1 2 3 4 and so on great show one of the best ive sen thus far

  • Samaras_Madness

    They HAVE to keep going. I’ve been just as surprised as anyone that it’s been so compelling…. plus FATHER MARCUS IS GAY AND TOTALLY INTO DADDIES!….. made my friggin’ night.

  • Miranda

    I watched all 8 episodes this weekend and (the slow pilot aside), it is an intriguing series and I’m enjoying it. My question is: where would the show go in subsequent seasons? Would it be a sort of anthology in which each season revolves around a different case of possession? Would each season follow a different exorcist on his exploits? Would we stay with same family who battles the same demon each season (which could get old)?
    Also, the plot again the Pope and the organ harvesting, to me, in the most incredible storyline of the show.

    • Otterlee

      Maybe Father Marcus could track down a possession in another city, with another bunch of Catholics to convince. Maybe a high level priest who is slowly getting his whole parish possessed in some kind of “prayer retreat”.

  • Derek Behrends

    I’d love for this series to get picked up my a different network since Fox cannot be trusted with horror.

  • John W

    What is the PCA’s?

    • Otterlee

      I would guess People’s Choice Awards?

      • John W

        Ah, thanks.

  • ฮฃฮฑฮฒฮนฮฝฮฑ

    The show is amazing and deserves a season 2,how come all the trash shows get many seasons and the good shows get an early cancellation??Is it because people are enjoying ‘trash’ more than ‘class’?You prefer watching ‘Scream queens’ than ‘The exorcist’?Really?No wonder you idiots love watch trash like ‘The Kardashians’

  • ailene royo

    love this show.. so like the ending.. gratifying!!!

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