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[TV Review] The “Paranormal Lockdown” Season 2 Premiere is Genuinely Thrilling!

Ghost hunting shows can be a real mixed bag. One on hand, if you actually believe in the paranormal, it can be fascinating to watch these researchers attempt to communicate with the dead and help ordinary people out of strange situations. On the other hand, less open-minded viewers will laugh at the so-called investigators as they overreact to equipment malfunctions and spooky noises. Regardless of where you stand, there’s fun to be had with these programs, and Paranormal Lockdown is the latest in this long line of supernatural-oriented reality shows, and its second season is about to premiere.

Starring Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman, Paranormal Lockdown follows the adventures of these veteran investigators as they spend 72 hours locked inside supposedly haunted locations. Utilizing a series of high-tech gadgets and obscure investigative techniques, the pair attempt to identify the source of these hauntings, and sometimes even eliminate them entirely. The focus of the second season premiere is the infamous Monroe House, located in Hartford City, Indiana, where a series of mysterious deaths and fires over the past century have left the current owner of the property in an unfortunate situation.

The show follows a familiar investigative formula, featuring input from witnesses, mediums and the occasional innocent bystander to try and piece together a cohesive narrative regarding the history of the Monroe House. The episode initially felt quite tame, with many of these supposedly paranormal events feeling contrived and implausible. However, once a friendly medium shows up to help Groff and Weidman get to the bottom of the situation, things get especially chilling. This, coupled with some eerie audio recordings, gives the episode a much-needed boost, as the investigators start to believe that some otherworldly entity is trying to hide something within the house.

Suffice to say that I was entirely invested in the mystery of the house at this point, though the hair-raising last third of the premiere is what really sets it apart from the usual onslaught of ghost hunting media. As the investigation leads Nick and Katrina underground, deep within the bowels of the house, we’re presented with evidence of a frighteningly real tragedy that may be behind all these sinister occurrences. I won’t spoil the fun here, but the ending to this episode is the closest thing to a James Wan-directed horror movie that you’re likely to see in real life.

As is usually the case in the real world, Paranormal Lockdown doesn’t offer any conclusive solutions or even a history to the Monroe House haunting, but that doesn’t make the show any less entertaining. There are some genuine scares to be had here, regardless of whether or not you believe in the paranormal, and Nick and Katrina are charismatic enough to make the audience root for them. While some of the creepy situations depicted in the show at times seem exaggerated, it’s still definitely worth a watch, especially if the following episodes keep up the thrills of the premiere.

The second season of Paranormal Lockdown premieres Friday, December 16 at 9/8c on TLC!




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