Breaking: "Locke & Key" Finally Happening, Thanks to Hulu!! - Bloody Disgusting!

Breaking: “Locke & Key” Finally Happening, Thanks to Hulu!!

One of the benefits of being in my position is I’ve been able to see a lot of footage and projects that are never released to the public. Even so, there are some that have evaded me. The pilot presentation to Joe Hill‘s “Locke & Key” is my white whale, and I’ve pulled every string I could in order to see it. Lucky San Diego Comic-Con attendees are the only public eyes to see this adaptation when it was screened in 2011 before Fox TV eventually pulled the plug.  The great Mark Romanek directed said pilot, which will (probably) never see the light of day. But Hill, the son of Stephen King, who penned the graphic novels for IDW, refused to give up on getting a live-action adaptation into fan’s hands. We’ve been hearing for years about potential movies and television adaptations, none of which have come into fruition. However, back in May 2016, Hill and IDW issued a press release standing ground on their commitment to a series.

I love this story. The seven years I spent working on “Locke & Key” was the happiest creative experience of my life, and there still isn’t a day when I don’t think about those characters and miss visiting with them,” Hill said in a statement. “The six books of the series are very like six seasons of a cable TV series, and so it feels only natural to bring that world to the little screen and to see if we can’t scare the pants off viewers everywhere.

The announcement was just made that Hulu has given a fresh pilot order to “Locke & Key”, which will be a one-hour horror/ fantasy drama that will hail from Hill, Carlton Cuse (“Bates Motel”, “The Strain”) and IDW Entertainment, with Doctor Strange helmer Scott Derrickson set to direct! Derrickson is also a genre veteran behind the awesome Exorcism of Emily Rose, Sinister and Deliver Us from Evil.

“Locke & Key” revolves around three siblings who, after the gruesome murder of their father, move to their ancestral home in Maine only to find the house has magical keys that give them a vast array of powers and abilities. Little do they know, a devious demon also wants the keys, and will stop at nothing to attain them.

Cuse will serve as showrunner, explains Deadline. He is executive producing with Hill; Derrickson  Lindsey Springer of Carlton Cuse Prods.; Ted Adams, CEO of IDW Media Holdings; and David Ozer, President of IDW Entertainment.

Have you read the books? How excited are you guys?!

  • Kev Weldon

    I don’t want to jump the gun about getiing excited since it’s just a pilot order but OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY OH B

  • Wil McMullen

    This is awesome news! Speaking of Hulu…. I have been catching up on Dimension 404 and that show is good as hell!!!

  • Cauê Custódio

    Thats about time. Love the books! One of my top 10 comics ever.

  • Grimphantom
  • DucksonAPlain

    Shit, Imma have to get someone’s Hulu Login…. er….. I mean…. sub to Hulu for a month <__> He heh… yea…

  • David Tucker

    Up there with Watchmen and Daytripper as one of my top 3 favorite comics of all time.

  • Jada Maes

    I’m going to brag…
    Last year I went to a signing Joe Hill did for The Fireman. Man, he had the whole audience laughing at a story about his greatest fear (it involves a bat and his motorcycle), and when it was my turn for his autograph I got to chat with him about his story “Devil On the Staircase” for a few minutes.
    Wonderful dude, phenomenal writer, and Locke and Key is genuine brilliance. I hope they finally pull it off.