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[Video] “Unsolved Mysteries” Fans Just Chose the 5 Creepiest Segments!

It’s the creepiest show ever. But which episodes are the creepiest?

That’s the question fans of the official “Unsolved Mysteries” Facebook page were asked a couple weeks back, and the results from that poll have been turned into a short video that highlights the top “5 Times Unsolved Mysteries Totally Creeped Us Out.” Chosen segments include “Halloween Party Death,” “Friends to the End,” and “Dial A for Abduction.”

Check out the video below and watch “Unsolved Mysteries” over on Amazon!

The series used re-enactments and interviews to retell the circumstances of, well, mysteries that are unsolved – covering crimes, tales of lost love, unexplained history and paranormal events. Robert Stack hosted the series’ original run.



  • Grimphantom

    The great Arkansas railway mystery It’s creepy but if you hear the podcast of True Crime Garage, you will see that’s not much creepy as it looks. Still, it’s scary to think what these kids saw that night that got them killed.

    The others are very creepy like the bizarre cut in notes and the guy who appeared that he started a fire. Too bad Unsolved Mysteries didn’t get the case murder of Dorothy Jane Scott, that’s is one of the creepiest cases i ever heard.

    • Flu-Like Symptoms

      Read up on it after reading your comment. Some of these details are mind-numbing, such as “about a week before her disappearance, she began taking karate lessons”, y’know, because of course that’s what you do when someone calls and says “I’m gonna cut you up into bits so no one will ever find you……”

      • Grimphantom

        Sadly even if she had become an expert it wouldn’t help her at all. The psycho might have been armed but what’s terrifying that he knew that she was at the hospital, showing that he was telling the truth of following her everywhere.

        • Flu-Like Symptoms

          Yea, that was some serious dedication. The details he knew about not only her life but those around her indicates a total obsession. This is clearly all the person ever thought about, and even after the fact, still had to indulge in it by contacting her family, presumably well after she had been murdered.

          • Grimphantom

            And he kept doing that until the police found her skeletal remains in 1984 yet when they found them, he calls the family 2 times saying “Is Dorothy there” i mean really that was disturbing.

  • Aaron Johnson

    I’m surprised “Tallman’s Ghost” with the haunted bunk beds didn’t make the list. That one traumatized me for life as a kid.

  • Zark Meorff

    how good is “I said I’ll do it” arsonist guy ..hilarious!

    • Aaron Johnson

      That one creeped me out to no end. That’s not the whole thing. The man is clearly insane. The rambling goes on and on. I don’t think they ever caught him.

    • Nk

      Wasn’t that the one where they found Heavy Metal Cassettes near the crime scenes and in the re-enactment one of the cassettes was Evildead- Annihilation of Civilization?

      • Zark Meorff

        I hope so. That album rules!

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    One of the only good things about the 90’s

    Unsolved Mysteries and Grunge Rock
    And Beavis and Butthead

    And thats about it

  • dmarins

    The ghost kids swimming in the ship’s pool scared the hell outta me when I was a kid

  • Susan Leighton

    I vividly remember the arsonist but the creepiest story to me involved a girl just minding her business walking down a street in suburbia when she got hit with a 2×4. Someone in a car just knocked her senseless. She ended up dying. That particular segment stuck with me 20 some years later.

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