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[Next On] Look Ahead to Next Week’s “Blood Drive”

Syfy’s new grindhouse series “Blood Drive” went full speed into the blood and guts last night. Now, we have two images looking ahead to next week’s second episode.

In “Welcome to Pixie Swallow”, Grace and Arthur battle to stay off the menu at the first pit stop; Pixie Swallow Motel & Diner.

In the show, “After Los Angeles’ last good cop (Alan Ritchson) is forced to join a twisted cross-country death race, his only hope of survival is a dangerous femme fatale who has the need for speed (Christina Ochoa). Oh, and forget gasoline… these cars run on human blood!

BLOOD DRIVE — “Welcome to Pixie Swallow” Episode 102 — Pictured: Marama Corlett as Aki — (Photo by: David Bloomer/Syfy)



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  • Necro

    That was a great first episode! I had to check a couple different times to make sure I was watching the SyFy channel considering all the F-bombs I kept hearing. I’m not complaining either I guess it’s something I’m not used to hearing on regular/basic cable. This definitely looks good going forward and I definitely have my dvr set.

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