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Miss “True Blood”? NBC’s “Midnight, Texas” Might Quench Your Thirst (Trailer)

Welcome to a place where being normal is really quite strange.

NBC’s new show “Midnight, Texas” follows the inhabitants of a remote Texas town where no one is who they seem. Based on the hit book series from the author behind HBO’s “True Blood”, this new series looks to fill the void now missing for fans of the series.

From the visionary director of “Mr. Robot” comes a journey into a remote Texas town where no one is who they seem.

From vampires and witches to psychics and hit men, Midnight is a mysterious safe haven for those who are different.

As the town members fight off outside pressures from rowdy biker gangs, ever-suspicious cops and their own dangerous pasts, they band together and form a strong and unlikely family.

Here’s a sneak peak at “Midnight, Texas” which premieres July 24 on NBC.



  • Neto Ribeiro

    Jesus this looks bad but I’m definitely gonna watch it

  • Necro

    I’d rather see this on HBO or FX

    • Brett

      I would have said the same thing…until “Hannibal” came along.

      • Necro

        Yeah I was thinking about ‘Hannibal’ when I said it. It’s a very good point.

  • Bobby Jones

    she needs braces…badly

  • Kyle Cole

    This looks pretty badass!! Cant wait!

  • Khy

    Probably would fare better on HBO. Not talking about quality but ratings. Seems like a great show that will be yanked. Or maybe I’m just being sour. I’ve always liked that NBC took a chance with a show like FEAR ITSELF in the 00s when their counteparts were mostly pumping out zillions of CSI and Law & Order spin-offs and rich kid teen dramas.

    Even Heroes was quite a gamble. That got pretty nasty at times too with Sylar brutally stealing brains.

    • J Jett

      no Khy, you are not being sour. you’re 100% spot on. NBC has had a horrible track record with genre shows. i fully expect this show (that looks fun!) to only last this initial first season and then it will be yanked/cancelled.

  • J Jett

    i was wondering if this was ever going to be aired. i watched the trailer for it months ago and it looks like a fun show. with it being on NBC, i only expect it to get this first season and then it will be cancelled. NBC has a horrible track record for horror/supernatural/genre shows.

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