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[Next On] Images From “The Mist” Episode 9, ‘The Waking Dream’

Spike TV has provided us with a sneak peek at next week’s episode of “The Mist”, which airs August 17th at 10PM.

Nick Murphy directs the episode “The Waking Dream” that was penned by Amanda Segel.

In the episode, “Adrian arrives at the mall with somber news.   The mall survivors start to turn on Alex and Eve.

Here’s a recap of last week’s episode to go along with images from next week’s Episode 9.

Adrian (l-Russell Posner) arrives at the mall and gives Alex (c- Gus Birney) the bad news about Kevin in Episode 9 of Spike’s THE MIST.



  • Patrick Green

    Out of all the other tv shows I watch each week, this is my most anticipated show I watch each week.

  • Patrick Green

    I like how the last episode finally revealed who did the rape. Before they revealed it I actually thought of 2 different theories, one ended up being wrong, and the other one I was only half right.

  • Necro

    I had a ‘dream’ they cancelled this pile of shit!

  • kevinhorror

    I’m watching and its ok but I don’t think its a successful reworking of the Mist. If they are lucky enough to get a season 2, I would hope they tweak well, just about everything – the storyline, the characterizations, and god damnit get rid of that horrible CGI mist that just makes everything look dirty at the same time the mist gives the appearance of not really being there.

  • J Jett

    i hate watch this show. LOL. every character is completely unlikable with no redeeming qualities about them (the worst being the raped girl’s mother). the most recent ep (ep.8) had characters going into the mist like they were on a Sunday stroll…in other words there’s NO tension/creepiness whatsoever in this show. it’s an awful melodrama that is THE MIST in name only.
    and of course the gay character is THE worst, most despicable, fucked up character in the bunch.

    • Michael Gevins

      I’m taking TWD approach. I’m rooting for The Mist and the old lady (who killed a priest, a choir boy, and burned 4-5 people alive).

  • sliceanddice

    is this as bad as everyone says?

    • Aaron Johnson

      It’s really really bad. The acting, writing, directing and even CASTING are atrocious. I gave it 5 episodes just because I love Frances Conroy. I just can’t waste my time anymore.

      • sliceanddice

        Then i will avoid.

      • rhixy15

        you’re right those fuckers are just screwing with our minds to see how far we can watch this bullshit of a series, but no more especially with the naked grandmas oh gross..

    • Truck-kun


  • 1naturalace

    I want to watch the show but I can never catch reruns and I’m already like 7 episodes behind

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