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“Rob Zombie’s 13 Nights of Halloween” Coming to HDNET MOVIES in October

Who better to show you some cool horror films this Halloween?

Rob Zombie will be playing the role of horror host for HDNET MOVIES’ forthcoming two-week holiday event “Rob Zombie’s 13 Nights of Halloween,” which we’ve just learned will run from October 19 straight through Halloween night!

On each of the 13 nights, Zombie will be on hand to introduce and share his thoughts on the horror films airing during the event.

The full schedule of films will be announced soon, but we do know it will range from classics such as The Last House On The Left (1972) and The Blob (1958) to modern favorites including The Devil Inside (2012) and Case 39 (2009).

HDNET MOVIES showcases the best in box office hits, award-winning films and memorable movie marathons, uncut and commercial free. Launched in 2003 by Mark Cuban, the linear TV network and VOD service is widely distributed by major cable, telco and satellite TV providers in the U.S.



  • Tronald Dump

    who better? John Carpenter or Robert Englund… hell I’d even prefer the Crypt Keeper. Just sayin.

  • Lady Bathory

    I like Rob Zombie, he seems like a cool guy. His films are far from perfect (except maybe The Lords of Salem 😉 ) but he’ll probably be a good host.

  • dukeblues1

    Zombie’s Halloween movies were a helluva lot better than they get credit for.

    • Alex

      Zombie’s Halloween movies were a complete disgrace to the originals.

  • mark long

    Awesome! It seems networks have been going away from the non-stop October horror movies, so this is great. Like his films or not, he is a big horror fan and perfect for this.

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