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Netflix Teases the Return of “The Punisher”!

Marvel’s Nextflix shows have been hit or miss ranging from the phenomenal (“Jessica Jones”) to the god-awful (“Iron Fist”). One of the better of the shared Hell’s Kitchen universe was the season in which Daredevil battled The Punisher, played by “The Walking Dead” fav Jon Bernthal.

It was about as vicious as it could possibly be, and set the stage for the character’s own series that’s arriving sometime this fall. The first “The Punisher” teaser came attached to “The Defenders”, now streaming on Netflix, and shows Frank Castle’s battle against the horrible memories from his past.



  • Lady Bathory

    I already know I’ll be binge watching The Defenders over the weekend! Although I really liked Jessica Jones, Daredevil was a tiny bit better, in my opinion. The fight scenes were stunning and the characters very likable / well written. Frank Castle adds the aspect of unpredictability to the mix, give that he actually kills. I’m definitely excited to see more of him.
    Unfortunately, I’ll have to agree that Iron Fist, aka Marvel’s Cultural Appropriation was terrible.

  • fracfreak13

    I did enjoy to some degree all 4 of the pre-Defenders series. Daredevil both seasons were my favorites and I loved Jessica Jones(Krystin Ritter is muy delicioso) though it kinda dragged a bit with the villain. Luke Cage I really liked until Cottonmouth died as the big villain was kind of a dumbass but enjoyed Theo Rossi and Alfre Woodard. Iron Fist at first I did not like but toward the end I found I liked it more than I thought I would. More violent as it went on. I had no problem with Iron Fist being white as I am more of a purist when it comes to comics-I mean a female Thor? Give me a break with this PC crap. Most of all Vincent D’Offrio as Pinhead was a joy. I like the harder edge to all these when compared to the Marvel stuff on the big screen which seems a bit to “family fun – Chuckie Cheese” for me and yes I do like the DC world more because of that. I wish Blade would get a redux as I love the hell out of those movies and I have high hopes for Punisher though I had a hard time with him letting Daredevil ” beat him at times”

    • Mackey

      Vincent D’Onofrio played Kingpin, aka Wilson Fisk.

      • fracfreak13

        Oops…my bad many thanks for correcting me…too much Bill Murray

  • Calavera

    yeah Iron Fist sucked big time. There would’ve been many great Asian actors but no, it’s gotta be the Game if Thrones white guy …
    Anyway, the other 3 shows are awesome and I’m sure The Punisher will be as well.

    • Darkknight2149

      What are you babbling about? Iron Fist has ALWAYS been a white guy. Ever since his first appearance in 1974, Iron Fist has been white. Even in the Ultimate Marvel comics (which are known for swapping races), Iron Fist was a white guy.

      So why should they change that now? Because all Asians know martial arts?

      • Calavera

        To give Asian actors the representation they deserve, considering the show heavily exploits, mashes together, and freely interprets anything Asian.

        • Darkknight2149

          Okay… I guess? I’m just saying that making a traditionally white character Asian falls into the ‘Asians know martial arts’ stereotype, and really isn’t much more politically correct than just keeping him white.

          • Calavera

            Yes, that’s true…kind of. I think an Asian protagonist would’ve been great due to the show’s style being heavily rooted in Asian cultures, not just because the character knows martial arts. For me it’s less of a PC thing and more of a credibility thing.

          • Darkknight2149

            Ah. I see.

  • J Jett

    i’m excited to watch DEFENDERS today as well as the horror comedy DAVE MADE A MAZE (why hasn’t that been covered on this site?) and WHAT HAPPENED TO MONDAY!
    and I know I’m in the minority but I actually enjoyed IRON FIST. lol.

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