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History Channel Special Will Chronicle Real Life “Stranger Things” Inspiration

Before “Stranger Things” Season 2 premieres, why not learn the *real* story?

It’s no secret that the Duffer Brothers-created Netflix series “Stranger Things” drew inspiration from a whole lot of different ’80s films, but the tale of a telekinetic girl and a monster arriving in a small town also has ties to, well, things that (allegedly) actually happened.

CIA mind-control program Project MKUltra was used as an inspiration for “Stranger Things,” and so too was the so-called Montauk Project – a series of government mind-control and time travel experiments that allegedly took place in Montauk, NY in the 70s.

In fact, the original title of “Stranger Things” was actually “Montauk.”

Premiering Friday, September 8 at 10/9c on History, the brand new special “The Dark Files” will chronicle former CIA operative Barry Eisler, award-winning journalist Steve Volk, and filmmaker Chris Garetano‘s exploration into the mythologies, conspiracies and accusations that surround an abandoned military base known as Camp Hero in Montauk, Long Island.

Garetano recently made documentary The Montauk Chronicles, about the same subject.

Watch the teaser for the special below.



  • JackLantern13

    This will cost likely suck. There are a ton of rabbit hole podcasts and radio shows that have talked very in depth about Montauk, try those.

    • jsmoltz29

      This! There is ZERO chance that anything worth really knowing about this subject matter will come forth in a history channel series. There are researchers out there that have devoted their lives to following this stuff that are much more credible (regardless of how discredited some people want them to sound). You’d be better off listening to Bill Cooper’s old recordings.

      • frosty7530

        I just watched “Dark Files”. I thank you for reminding me that pulp productions seldom help initiate productive research into these areas. I also had the privlege of knowing a researcher who is one of those some people tried to discredit. I do notice the seductive music being played on the Alien special that follows Dark Files. Who knows what they want to accomplish w/this “outre” material?

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