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‘Evil Dead’ Star Joins “Tremors” Syfy Pilot!

Emily Tremaine (“Vinyl”), Megan Ketch (“American Gothic”) and Evil Dead‘s Shiloh Fernandez are set to star alongside Kevin Bacon in the Syfy pilot “Tremors”, a reboot of the 1990 cult classic film, with original star Bacon reprising his role, Deadline reports.

In the “Tremors” follow-up, written by Andrew Miller and to be directed by Cube and Splice‘s Vincenzo Natali, the killer Graboid worms that nearly destroyed Perfection, NV, 25 years ago are back, and the town’s only hope for survival is Valentine McKee (Bacon), who beat them once. But to do it again he’ll have to overcome age, alcohol and a delusional hero complex.

Ketch will play Mindy Sterngood, a charismatic young doctor with an eyebrow-raising fixation on the much-older Val, who saved her from a Graboid at age 9. But Mindy is hiding something that makes her an unanticipated threat: Compelling as she is, more cunning is her mask.

Fernandez, pictured above, will play Nico Garza, who has been killing time in Perfection, working in Earl’s Graboid Waste Gobbling company, waiting for the right moment to split. The last thing he wants is to turn out like Val, who’s stayed stuck in nowheresville all these years.

Tremaine, below, will play the role of Emily McKee, the whip-smart daughter of Val (Bacon) with a bright future ahead of her. She is newly graduated and stops by Perfection to visit her dad, but quality time with him is the standard disappointment, as Emily sinks further into the understanding that he’ll never change.



  • Neto Ribeiro

    Wow this Emily Tremaine looks a lot like young Madchen Amick on Twin Peaks!!

  • Christopher Burns Jr

    I’m really disappointed there has thus far been no mention of Michael Gross… seeing how he carried the franchise for the last 25 years.

    • Vohtrake

      right? seriously that is fucked up that he’s not involved!!! ( so it appears) He should be hailed

      • JohnnyScience

        I am honestly perfectly fine without Gross being involved. The series has become so cartoony. While I’m thankful were still getting new entries with his involvement, they’ve never been better then “meh” except for maybe part two which managed to be “meh, it’s alright”. The first Tremors is one of my all-time favorites. It’s always going to continue to be what it is now with Gross. I’m all in for a new direction. I think this sounds like a terrific start.

      • Saturn

        I wonder if the new tv show will be in the same timeline as the movies – Val has returned home to discover Burt is off on adventures in other countries, and it’s up to him to take on the Graboids once more.
        Both this new show and new movies can co-exist – and perhaps Burt can show up in the tv show from time to time.
        It would be funny if Burt said something like “oh, so you decided you were good enough to come home, while I have been battling these bastards for years!”

    • Matt

      Agree 1000%.

  • Unknown User

    What a dumb waste to make this a TV show when people really are nostalgic for the movie and a remake could kill with the right script and director.

  • Wyatt

    IF NO MICHAEL GROSS GIVE ME FRED WARD ATLEAST!!! much like pb&j Val aint shit without Earl! Still happy about the Bacon!

  • MulderIsBack

    Fred ward is essential as well. He needs to be a part of it. He probably might show up in the last few episodes.

  • JohnnyScience

    And just so we’re clear, I take full credit for planning this idea in Bacon’s head.

    • JohnnyScience

      That’s me asking him the question.

  • Matt

    It’s not, and won’t be, Tremors without the mighty Burt Gummer. Plus,
    it’s on SyFy. I’m guessing that there may be a rather large stink-bomb
    going off in the near future. (Am I mistaken, or wasn’t this supposed to be on Amazon?)

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