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Behind the Scenes Shot Shows Classic Ghostface Mask Back in MTV’s “Scream”

Not since Scream 4 in 2011 have we seen this mask.

We were surprised to learn just yesterday that MTV is bringing back the iconic Ghostface mask for the forthcoming third season of “Scream, which will completely reboot the series with new characters as well as an all-new storyline.

Today brings us our first look at the original mask on set, courtesy of Dennis Widmyer (Starry Eyes). Widmyer previously directed an episode in Season 2, and his Instagram post (below) confirms that he’ll be directing at least one episode in Season 3.

Hello, old friend,” he captioned the photo.

Reunite with Ghostface below!

A post shared by Dennis Widmyer (@denniswidmyer) on

“Season three revolves around Deion Elliot, a local star running back whose tragic past comes back to haunt him at the worst time, threatening his hard-earned plans for his future — and the lives of his unlikely group of friends.”

The new cast includes Keke Palmer (Scream Queens), RJ Cyler (I’m Dying Up Here), Giorgia Whigham (13 Reasons Why), Jessica Sula (Recovery Road), rapper Tyga(aka Michael Ray Stevenson), C.J. Wallace and Giullian Yao Gioiello (Julie’s Greenroom).

Brett Matthews (The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural) serves as the franchise’s third showrunner and executive produces alongside new arrivals including Queen Latifah, Shakim Conpere and Yaneley Arty for Flavor Unit Entertainment. They join original exec producers Harvey and Bob Weinstein for Dimension TV, the late Wes Craven, Tony DiSanto, Liz Gateley, Marianne Maddalena and Cathy Konrad.

“Scream’s” six-episode third season will air as a three-night event in March on MTV. A specific premiere date has not yet been announced.



  • WondrousPoop

    “Why didn’t they use the original mask?”

    Brings back original mask.

    “Pathetic. Doing it solely hoping it makes peoole watch. How desperate.”

    • MulderIsBack

      I like them not using the mask for the tv show. It separates it from the brilliant movie franchise.

      I would go for a big screen Scream reboot and to make the costume a little less goofy and more scary.

      But then i think the scream movies were the brainchild of wes and kevin, and that cannot be surpassed or replicated.

  • Khy


    I’m still going to give it a shot. It’ll only be on for three days. I wasted more time than that watching Twin Peaks The Return(7 minutes of a guy sweeping a floor, 5 of a dude painting shovels, 6 of some chick trying to swat a fly- huh?).

    Sad part is that even if this “season” does end up being actually good or at least an improvement over the first two it probably won’t be acknowledged because of MTV’s sloppy lackluster treatment over the brand from day one.

    • Daniel Anderson

      I still remember one of the last episodes of buddy FBI agent getting shot and the old man entering and leaving the room for like 10 minutes. Sounds like classic Lynch. He has some good movies, but his artistic hooplah peers through every so often.

      • Khy

        Haha, that episode in particular was quite creepy. Especially when the old man kept coming back and doing the thumbs up .

        • Daniel Anderson

          Tack on the midget speaking what sounded like in reverse and the denim wearing dude with the big smile. A whole host of wtf that I can only chalk down to artistic input. Most of David Lynches artsy stuff I don’t really care much for, but there is typically enough quality in other avenues that I can overlook it np.

  • MulderIsBack

    Man its great to see that mask again…until i remember its a scream tv show and not a cinematic experience. Scream the movies dont feel complete yet. Number 4 left me feeling williamson had something great planned and the weinersteins f#$ked it. As usual.

    • Hayden Koutras

      Doubt the Weinsteins fucked Scream 5.. that would have been a huge movie and they knew that. Nobody (Neve and Kevin, in particular) wanted to do it without Wes, and for good reason. It sucks, alot, as Scream is one of my all time fav’s, and the Scream 5 would have been the greatest chance ever to properly start it back up, or close out the series.

      • Mr. Red Right Hand

        neve stated that if they handed the creativity to good hands she’d be willing to reprise

      • MulderIsBack

        They did f#$k it. Williamson had a screaming match about changes. They took away parts of the barn scene that utilised different ghost face masks…zombie ghostface, vampire ghostface etc. And…rumour has it that the killer was supposed to get away with it. Fade to black before hospital scene. Yes. The weinersteins Fd it.

        • Mr. Red Right Hand

          as far as i can remember, the only changes made were the death of olivia, deputy hoss & perkins, adding of the stab-o-thon, leaving sydney for dead, then the climax at the hospital. sooooo maybe reconsider reading both scripts ?

          • MulderIsBack

            Ehren kruger came on board. Williamson had screaming match with weinsteins. Thise changes you mention are true. The changes to the garage scene are better. But…the film should have ended with killer wheeled into ambulance.

          • MulderIsBack

            If youve watched the following by williamson, you can see where williamson was going with 5 and 6.

      • MulderIsBack

        The original opening to scream4 was also far more superior to what we got.

        • Mr. Red Right Hand

          oh yes, i couldn’t agree more. opening the fridge to ghost face then him stabbing the shit out aimee teagarden in the stomach repeatedly – astounding. but of course, weinstein’s had to fuck that up, too.

  • Dylan Summers

    I wonder if this time they’ll actually acknowledge Sidney, Woodsboro, Stab etc instead of pretending none of it ever happened like S1 and 2.

    • Micah Unice

      Wouldn’t that make it more of a sequel than a reboot?

      • Weresmurf

        I think we’d all be ok with this if it were.

        • Micah Unice

          I agree, but they’re calling it a reboot. Hence my comment. I think it’s safe to assume that it will be another standalone. :-/

          • Khy

            That’s more in relation to the fact they’re rebooting the SHOW and won’t be acknowledging the past two seasons.

            That said I still won’t hold my breath for a Woodsboro connection but considering they’re using the mask what will it hurt just to toss a few Sidney Prescott/Woodsboro acknowledgements in there? I know with the first two seasons, Dimension and MTV wanted the show to cultivate its own universe with no ties to the movies but that seemed to have gone out the window now that they’re using the actual face of the movies.

            Like I said, I don’t see what would be the big deal about the movie geek character, Beth, briefly mentioning Woodsboro in passing establishing its at least set in the same universe. That would be a nice little touch actually and the show will still be able to stand on its own story with its own characters. It’ll just be a reference, nothing more.

          • Micah Unice

            It would be indeed fantastic if they threw us a bone like that.

    • Jake

      I’m pretty positive that Weinstein does not want the show to have any connection to the original films ala characters. However, I wonder how they will explain this mask or if the stab franchise exist in the world.

  • Hopefully they bring in more than the mask from the classic films. If it’s another in-name-only killer in another dumb MTV teen drama, I’m not interested.

  • Mr. Screamer

    I’m really freaking excited!

  • Me

    Rebooting after two seasons? LOLOLLLL.
    Make Scream 5 and 6 and end it already.

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