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Extended “Supernatural” Season 13 Trailer Welcomes a New Sheriff

Thirteen is their lucky number.

All Hell is set to break loose in the thirteenth season of The CW’s “Supernatural,” which has impressively been going strong since 2005. Sam and Dean will face off with “a creature of almost unimaginable power” this time around, and you can watch the season’s extended trailer below!

In the new season…

“The exciting journey of the Winchester brothers continues as “SUPERNATURAL” enters its thirteenth season. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) have encountered every kind of supernatural threat, facing down monsters, demons, and gods. Saving people, hunting things, and keeping the world safe.”

“In the show’s twelfth season, the Winchesters were reunited with their long-dead mother and joined forces with the British arm of the Men of Letters. But things turned from bad to worse, with the return of Lucifer and the surprising revelation that the Devil is expecting a child. Now, Sam and Dean find themselves facing a creature of almost unimaginable power… one that could save the world… or destroy it.”

We recently learned that Season 13 will include a Scooby Doo crossover episode!



  • Travis_Bickle

    Season 13??? Wow…I stopped after season 5. Lemme guess, it’s ends with one of them going to hell…and then returning a year later with something “wrong” with them. Sound right?

    • DJV1985

      Not this time. The Mum and Lucifer are stuck in the “Apocalypse world” and the child of Satan was left with Dean and Sam but while getting your point and having written down where the show left off last season I can understand why people aren’t fans but I still enjoy it and think it has it’s good moments.

      • Travis_Bickle

        I used to like the show, I was a big fan in the first few seasons. They just wore out the same plot points over and over again. How many times can somebody go to hell?

        • DJV1985

          True, that was one of the reasons Joss Whedon said he was happy that Buffy came to an end. He said that he had reached a point where he had to spend nights working out how Buffy and the gang could save the world AGAIN and Again and each time couldn’t work out how to do higher stakes until the final season. He actually coined the term BUFFY-SYNDROME and said that long running supernatural shows (genre not the show) get stuck into this problem after a few seasons if they don’t have a long term plan or do and go on longer than that plan leaving any future plot having to be worked out on the fly. So you could be right oh and I’m paraphrasing some of what Joss said although he isn’t wrong.

    • Lorie Heller

      How is that different than any other TV show? Other characters on non-supernatural type shows are always having problems, physical and psychological – just not with monsters. You don’t expect to watch Supernatural and have the characters suffer from a hang nail.

      • Travis_Bickle

        Most of the seasons end exactly the same, that’s all I pointed out. I understand conflict on shows, but the same copy/pasted conflict?

        • J Jett

          Travis, one thing i’ve noticed with many SPN fans is that they WILL NOT accept any even slightly unflattering things said about the show. back when IMDB had it’s discussion boards i was on the SPN board and made a comment expressing my fondness of the show but that i just didn’t like 1 scene in 1 ep where Dean treated Castiel really poorly and i kid you not, i had a slew of rabid SPN crazed fans bashing me (online) and practically threatening my life! LOL.

          • Travis_Bickle

            Not shocking. I was trying to point out a very glaring flaw in the show and it backfired. Lesson learned I guess. We should hang out more often 🙂

    • The chicken man

      Why do people who don’t watch shows feel the need to trash them?
      Really curious.

      • Travis_Bickle

        At one point did I trash the show? I pointed out the same plot point they end every single season with….I didn’t write the show…you’re hating on the wrong guy peewee

        • The chicken man

          You know what you did.


        • Ron Swanson’s Mustache

          Except they don’t end every season that way.

          • Travis_Bickle

            Most of the season end that way, nobody can refute that.

    • sedoi

      You made right decision. This TV suffers from the problem of going far to long, when it should’ve ended at season 5

      • Travis_Bickle

        Yes!! The books ended then…yellow eyes was dead…everything was right with the world. They should have tapped out then.

  • Charyou

    Can we all stop pretending this is a good show? Thanks.

    • DJV1985

      I’m not sure why there is so much hate for this show. I mean I know people don’t always have to like the same show but from a certain crowd there seems to be the hatred for a show that, like many MANY others has weak points and weak seasons but the show is pretty good at least I like it and so do many of the people around me.

      Each to their own I guess lol.

    • Nicolas Caiveau

      It’s one of my favorite^^

    • The chicken man

      My all time favorite.

    • Christopher Nickerson

      First 5 seasons were great. There have been some good single episodes since then, but as a whole the show has been bad since season 6

    • Gordon Wetmore

      Yeah, I agree. The first *12 seasons* were awesome, but after that, I dunno… .

  • Lorie Heller

    Hey, Jeffrey Vincent could get a KFC gig with that white suit and voice.

  • C-3PO’s

    The b&w episode “Monster Movie” will always be my favorite.

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