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“Stranger Things” Promo Depicts Eleven’s Flashbacks

Netflix has gone “Stranger Things” crazy this week leading up to the October 27th release of Season 2. Not only have they raised the price of their service (no, really), they’ve released several cool pieces of key art and promotional videos. The newest one shows Eleven having a series of flashbacks, reciting a series of steps. Dance moves? Not likely.



  • The Night King

    The Duffer brothers really are digging deep into the creative well this season. In one episode, everyone forgets Eleven’s birthday and this weird Chinese exchange student named Big Duck Wang comes to visit . The boys all go off to find the missing treasure of famed pirate Two Eyed Dooky in an attempt to save their neighborhood from greedy land developers.

  • Hank_Scorpio

    Their servers are going to crash on the 27th…..

  • Youri Gavrilov

    Gave it a chance. Why they made it so bloated – i have no idea.

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