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Stephen King’s “Mr. Mercedes” Has Been Renewed for a Second Season

While Spike recently cancelled “The Mist” after just one season, we’re happy to report that another small screen Stephen King adaptation is having much better luck.

Variety reports today that AT&T’s Audience Network has renewed “Mr. Mercedes” for a second season, ahead of tomorrow night’s Season 1 finale.

“The second season will be based on Stephen King’s best-selling Bill Hodges Trilogy, which includes, Mr. Mercedes, Finders Keepers and End of Watch.”

David E. Kelley will return to write Season 2, with Jack Bender returning as director. Season 2 will be home to 10 one-hour episodes.

King, Kelley and Bender will also continue to serve as executive producers, along with Dennis Lehane, who will also write. The series is produced by Sonar Entertainment.

Production will begin February 2018.



  • Jaimie

    fantastic news! loving this show, and really looking forward to the finale. hoping they stick with the storyline of the second novel.

  • Matt Miller

    That’s good news, it’s been an entertaining watch. The policial procedure and the hacking stuff is kind of goofy, but the acting is pretty good (Harry Treadaway is great) and the characters are fun and really get you in the story.

  • Darren Kerr

    It’s been a bloody marvellous programme.
    Definitely look forward to a second series.

  • IBelievePhonies

    Would be great if was not available only on Direct TV streaming sadly no way to watch this series.

    • Necro

      Yep I just said the same thing in my comment as well. It’s really a bunch of shit.

  • Simon Allen

    I have been enjoying this even though it does drag its ass a bit, some of the episodes have hardly advanced the story at all .
    The performances in particular have been uniformly great especially Kelly Lynch who was just one of the saddest and most pathetic women I’ve seen on screen in quite a while .
    SPOILER ALERT !!!!………..
    Her death was literally one of the most horrific things I’ve seen in recent memory , I actually found it virtually unwatchable and it stayed with me for a long time afterwards.
    BUT I was really hoping this was a complete thing and would come to a satisfactory conclusion as I’m sure the source material did so I’m not feeling too pleased about a second run because I cant (yet) see where the hell its going to go .
    Oh I just found out there was a sequel novel …….had no idea !!

    • Carlos Parlo

      3 books. I think they’ve covered the 1st really well with this season and the changes they’ve made only worked better for the screen. Some great work going on with this series from a writing/acting/production standpoint.

      • Simon Allen

        That’s cool …..makes me feel better about the series going further now .

  • Necro

    I’m glad to hear this, love the show! Although I’m pissed because I recently switched cable providers, going from ‘DirecTV’ to ‘XFinity’. Now I’m very happy with the switch, but ‘Audience’ network doesn’t belong to ‘XFinity’, it’s a ‘DirecTV’ only channel. So I was able to watch the first 7 episodes and that’s it. I really liked what I saw and can’t wait to see the last 3 episodes.

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