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Complete “The Strain” Collection This December

Horror TV

“The Strain’s” fourth and final season and complete series boxset arrive on DVD December 12th from Fox Home Entertainment.

In the final 10 episodes of this terrifying series from the visionary minds of Guillermo del Toro, Carlton Cuse and Chuck Hogan, nuclear winter envelopes the planet and a desperate, weakened humanity — existing only as slave labor for “The Partnership” — is controlled by the bloodthirsty strigoi. Meanwhile, the sinister “Master” grooms Eph’s (Corey Stoll) son Zack (Max Charles) to rule the post-apocalyptic dystopia. With nothing left to lose, Eph and a tiny group of survivors plot to defeat The Master and save what’s left of humanity — and the planet — in this adrenaline-fueled adventure that culminates in one of the most shocking sequences in the groundbreaking series.

In the entire series, “When a freak virus tracing back to ancient vampirism strikes New York, it gives rise to bloodthirsty human hybrids. Hoping to destroy the creatures and the evil “Master” behind the outbreak, the CDC’s Dr. “Eph” Goodweather (Corey Stoll) develops a deadly bioweapon. Teaming with a mysterious Holocaust survivor (David Bradley), and searching clues found in an ancient book, Eph races against time – amidst great personal loss – in an effort to save humanity, in this thrilling, post-apocalyptic story. Collect all four blood-curdling seasons, featuring brand new collectible art packaging & packed with special features and in-depth behind-the-scenes access.

THE STRAIN Season 4 Special Features:

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Gag Reel
  • Coping with The Strain: A Therapy Session
  • Featurettes
    • First Look
    • Father and Sons
    • Dutch and Setrakian
    • The Mongrels
    • The Partnership
    • The Baby Factory
    • The Highway Battle
    • Quinlan
    • Stop the Master
    • Eichhorst
    • Finale



  • Francisco Javier Pérez Olivare

    Great series! Although the ending was kinda of a letdown.

    • GunsOfNavarone

      Yeah the show reminded me of how Banshee went out, great build up throughout the first few seasons and then a limp final season culminating in an underwhelming finale. Shame really, because it was my guilty pleasure.

  • Necro

    I’m assuming that’s Blu-ray as well?

    • The Drucifer

      Probably not…they dumped blu support for 3 and 4.

    • I was wondering the same myself, since there was no blu for season three. I haven’t bought the series yet, and I’d love it if they did a full box in Blu Ray, since i hate having a series in half of one and half the other, but I don’t want to opt for DVD when there is a blu option just for uniformity. (First world problems.) If someone is paying for a full box set, you’d think the argument could be made they are the target market for blu ray editions.

      • Necro

        Yep totally agree! Yeah I hate half DVD and half Blu-ray, there’s also been instances where I’ve bought a film on DVD and literally 2 days later find it on Blu-ray (preferred), and I’m like Fuck!

        • That’s why, most of the time, when I am holding the DVD in my hand in the store, I typically wind up checking on my phone if there is a BluRay version available before I buy it. What I hate is when it turns out that the Blu is “exclusive” to one store for a limited time, so it doesn’t come up on my search.

          • Necro

            Oh yeah that sucks shit!

  • Simon Allen

    The final season was such a HUGE disappointment … just smacked of a cut budget and padding . It was such a let down as the previous 2 seasons were so good .
    Too much focus on one of the most horrible kids in horror (the dreadful Zack ) .
    It just ended up being cheap and lazy, most of the direction just stank and in some ways it would have been better if they hadn’t bothered than insulted us with this big old mess .
    More like a big “fuck off” than a “thank you for watching” .

    • Satanzilla

      It wasn’t that bad imo although there were things I didn’t like about it.

      My sense is that they weren’t prepared for the sudden ending of the show, which was envisioned all along as a five season show, so they had to rush to wrap it up.

      • Simon Allen

        If that was the case surely squashing the two seasons into one would have resulted in it being action packed and story dense not dull and boring .
        I got the feeling they were told …”wrap this up and here is a quarter of your previous budget ” .

  • Jack Thompson

    Why does it seem like they are giving up on Blu Ray?

    Fargo season 3 is only being released on DVD too.

    Are they not selling enough?

  • Simon Allen

    I just wish they could have made it interesting at least as i had enjoyed the previous two seasons so much after a bit of a wobbly start …..i can take most entertainment crimes ya know but being bored is just intolerable .

    • Satanzilla

      I think he just had all these bases he wanted to touch and he just went through the numbers touching them. It was a bit of an anti-climax but I didn’t out and out hate it as you did.

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