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Robert Patrick Returning to “The X-Files”?!

If this were to be the final season of “The X-Files” to feature Gillian Anderson, maybe the show creators would be willing to resurrect another character’s arc?

Series creator Chris Carter tells TVLine that Robert Patrick — who portrayed Agent John Doggett in Seasons 8 and 9 — was actually slated to appear in one of Season 11’s early installments. “I actually wrote him into an episode,” Carter reveals. “But then I found out he wasn’t going to be available to us [because of ‘Scorpion’] so I had to write him out of the episode… ‘Scorpion’ is his first priority.”

Carter then cryptically added, “That’s not to say you won’t see him this season…”

Here’s the Season 11 trailer released this past weekend with the show returning in early 2018.



  • Dr. Sam “Looney” Loomis

    I met RP a few years ago at a con, right when they were starting to make the new X-Files. He basically said he could give two shits about it (been there, done that kinda thing).

  • Necro

    Never liked him on the show……..EVER! His character was a joke and he sucked shit! Don’t get me wrong I like him as an actor, just not for this show.

    • Oliver Riddle

      You sound silly, go to a mirror and slap yourself.

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