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There Will Be Way More of Lucas’ Scene Stealing Sister in “Stranger Things” 3!

This is maybe the best news you’ll hear all week.

The second season of “Stranger Things” introduced a handful of new characters, including Sean Astin’s Bob, Dacre Montgomery’s Billy and Sadie Sink’s Max. But it’s a minor character who arguably came out swinging as the fan favorite.

I’m of course referring to Erica Sinclair, played by Priah Ferguson.

Though she only made minor appearances in Season 2, Lucas’ pesky sister stole all the scenes she was in, becoming an instant favorite. The good news? Speaking with Yahoo, the Duffer Brothers revealed that we’ll be seeing much more of her in Season 3!

There will definitely be more Erica in Season 3,” they teased. “That is the fun thing about the show — you discover stuff as you’re filming. We were able to integrate more of her in, but not as much you want because the story [was] already going. ‘We got to use more Erica’ — that was one of the first things we said in the writers’ room.”



  • The Night King

    She was obviously a rip off of Dee, the annoying little sister on the 70’s show What’s Happening. And before I forget, I would like to issue a giant bitch slap to the head to the Duffer’s for killing a cat. Killing people in horror is okay, killing dogs and cats is not cool.

    • Chris

      I agree. I had to look away. Not just for Stranger Things 2 but ALL movies and shows. I really wish they would put Animal cruelty or whatever under the ratings like when they warn people about graphic violence, rape, language in the movie. I just wanna know going in. I too would rather see a human die than an innocent animal. I don’t care if it isn’t real.

      • Necro

        Then don’t watch Uwe Boll’s film ‘Seed’! You barely get a warning before he smacks you in the face with it! And it’s actual footage of some nasty shit. But I agree, I can handle the fake better, but when it’s real… nope!

        • MODOK

          Uh, I think “don’t watch Uwe Boll’s [movie title]” is already a standing directive regardless of the animal treatment.

      • Travis_Bickle

        Ok…so, they didn’t really kill any animals…

    • Hayden Koutras

      … You’ve never seen a cat or dog die in horror? i understand the discomfort but it’s not nearly as rare as you’re making it sound, infact the death of Mews was relatively tame in comparison to some others. you ever seen The Conjuring? The Evil Dead remake, The Ring, What about I Am Legend? Obviously it’s not insanely nice to watch but you are a fan of the Horror Genre. in my opinion the best moment’s as a fan of this genre are things that are really disturbing, even if it’s not enjoyable to watch all the time.

      • DS Ullery

        Agreed. I like animals and abhor animal abuse of any type, but that’s the thing about horror: It’s horrifying. Part and parcel of the genre is having bad things happen. If kids can die on screen, I’m okay with Fluffy taking a shot to the meow hole.

      • The Night King

        Yes I’ve seen animals die in horror, but people are generally douches and probably have done something in their life to deserve being killed. Animals (unless it’s Cujo) are fairly innocent. I can handle it, I just don’t like it. It bums me out.

        • Forca84

          It’s a cliché. Guranteed if there is a cute Pet or animal in a movie it’s gonna die a disturbing death. Swear to christ the Writers of those Lifetime movies hate Pets. They die horribly in nearly every movie.

          Yeah I get it’s sometimes realistic that a Pet would be killed. Doesn’t mean I have to like it. It’s put in there for shock value most of the time anyway. Doesn’t actually add to the story. (Unless we are talking “John Wick” or Jack Ketchum’s “Red”.)

        • Hayden Koutras

          Very fair point, it is much more intense and far harder to watch.

    • Chase LeValley

      Suck it up, pussy.

    • DS Ullery

      There’s a movie titled Re-Animator you’ll probably want to avoid.

    • Travis_Bickle

      You realize they didn’t actually kill a cat right? It’s not Cannibal Holocaust or Angels Melancholy bro, no animals were harmed.

  • James

    Really? She was a fan favorite? She was an obnoxious little twerp. The last thing the show needs is more of her.

  • J Jett

    she was ok but also irritating (and not in a good, funny way). she’s alright in small doses. more screen time given to her isn’t really something i’m looking forward to. is she just going to continue to be “sassy” (meaning INCREDIBLY annoying) to all the other characters? WAIT!! I HAVE A GREAT IDEA! have the little sister mouth off at Eleven and then have Eleven slam little sis against the wall with her powers. that would work for me! LOL.

    • Khy

      Lmao omg you are so mean J!

      • J Jett

        me? never! LOL. 🙂

  • Necro

    I’m sorry this is the best news?! Just like ‘Zach’ from ‘The Strain’ she’s beyond irritating in my opinion! Small doses of her, yeah sure, but I think the show has more important things to focus on.

    • J Jett

      ZACH!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      just when i forgot about the atrocity that was Zach, you just HAD to remind me of him Necro!!! LOL. 🙂

  • Master Rooster

    Nobody really gave a fuck about her, she added nothing positive to any scene she was in. Her dialogue delivery felt forced and over the top, ditch the sister and put more Lucas scenes in, he’s far more interesting and genuinely cool.

    • Khy

      Well I can’t argue about more Lucas. It would suck if his little sister started getting more screen time than him. Which wouldn’t surprise me sadly. Hopefully not.

  • Chase LeValley

    This character was such a fucking little shit. Irritating to say the least.

  • Grimphantom

    Oh boy….she’s gonna be the slimer of the Real Ghostbusters……They really think she’s a good addition? She was annoying as hell! Having bratty know it all kids it’s not something that people want to see a kid act…

  • Justin’tyme Lee Rozell

    bob was the real fan favorite

    • Josh Evans


  • Khy

    Ouch. This comment section is brutal. Lol You are all so damn mean. Haha.

    I thought she was hilarious. But I think they also need to be careful because the reason she worked was because she was in small doses. I don’t want this turning into the Erica hour even though she’s super cute.

    I don’t want a Brittany on Glee situation. Boy did they run her gimmick into the ground all the way to China.

  • Christopher Nickerson

    Getting into it with Dustin on the walkie was funny, but she got old fast

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    I never knew she was a “scene stealer” until I read it on the net x)

  • Shane Scully

    Please, no. She was an obnoxious and annoying little shit with an attitude problem and in need of a smack in her bratty little face.

  • EvilHead1981

    I know people were saying she was a pain in the ass, but that was the point. She was supposed to be that annoying kid sibling that’s like a bad zit. Some 80s movies had those kinda characters. Still thought she was more bearable than Samantha’s younger brother in Sixteen Candles (THAT kid was an ass!).

    • Khy

      Some people are being so dramatic lol

    • Grimphantom

      Yeah but that’s what we don’t want to see in an 80’s atmosphere since they turn out as annoying. Well, Stranger Things had shown that they can bend the 80’s rules like the whole virgin or innocent like Barb that she got killed instead of Nancy since she didn’t had sex but gets killed.

      I don’t mind if the kid is a smart ass but at least be the type that you like the attitude of him or her.

  • Adam Clifton

    She was entertaining in that annoying little sister kind of way. The only character I didn’t like was Billy, but that’s meant to be like that

  • xcalibrate ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I thought Stranger Things S1 good but not the ‘panty wetting’ excellence some critics thought it to be. S2 was underwhelming to the point where I have no real interest in a S3. S3 giving me more of an annoying character, whether she is created that way or not, seals the deal. I’ll pass. I’m not missing anything special.

  • Spida

    Growing up around little girls like that, and even seeing them in new carnations today, I can honestly say, that as cute & bratty as she was, they’re Worse in real life!! So as long as I can Watch and not deal with her persona in the real world, I’ll take her in season 3.

  • Josh Evans

    Awesome!! This kid had my wife and I cracking up! Great news!

  • Fr0gg0

    She did nothing for the show and the story. Just move along.

  • Rick-Taylor

    Billy is the best character in the entire show.
    Everybody is complaining that this little girl was a horrible character. I don’t think so, she was just a small part. But, the worst character is definitely number 8. I think we all can agree on that.

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