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Every Episode of “Stranger Things” Season 2 as a Horror-Inspired VHS Box!

We told you earlier this month about artist Luis Atao, who had just started a really fun project: turning every episode of “Stranger Things” Season 2 into a faux movie poster – each one paying tribute to a classic movie poster that reflects the episode.

Episode 2, for example, is titled “Madmax,” so Luis’ poster pays tribute to the Mad Max poster. Episode 7, titled “The Lost Sister,” gets a Lost Boys-inspired poster.

Luis has now finished the project, and not only has he uploaded the complete line of episode posters, but he’s also made each one into a faux VHS box.

You can check out all the retro-style art below!



  • Very cool

  • Frank Gambino

    What’s will the wise supposed to be? And the pollywog?

    • Quadriple

      Gremlins, I guess (The Pollywog one). And I think Will the Wise is Shining, I’m not sure tho, fonts look alike.

      • Fr0gg0

        You are correct about Gremlins, the other one i’m not sure.

      • sixfeetdownsouth

        Will the Wise looks like a riff on the Robert Wise movie ‘The Haunting’

        • Quadriple

          Oh yeah, you are right lol, that was obvious too 😀

    • Siraman Rohani

      Get Out (I) (2017)
      R | 104 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller


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