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FOX’s “Ghosted” Gets New Showrunner and Six More Episodes

Officially premiering on October 1st, FOX’s supernatural comedy “Ghosted” has to date aired seven of its eight total episodes, with the eighth set to air on December 3.

But that won’t be the end for Season 1, we’ve just learned!

Variety reports that FOX has ordered six more episodes of “Ghosted,” which brings the first season up to 16 episodes. Additionally, Paul Lieberstein (“The Office”) has been brought on board as the new executive producer and showrunner, replacing Kevin Etten.

“The series stars Craig Robinson and Adam Scott as a former LAPD detective and a genius true believer in the paranormal who are recruited by a secret government agency known as The Bureau Underground. Each week, they investigate supernatural phenomenon in an attempt to protect the human race. The series also stars Ally Walker, Adeel Akhtar, and Amber Stevens West.”

“Ghosted” is produced by 20th Century Fox Television and was created by Tom Gormican.



  • Saturn

    I’ve enjoyed the light-hearted nature of the show – the last couple of episodes weren’t strong, but I’ve seen enough to continue with it.

  • JackJonston24

    Lol,you know it’s not looking good for the series when they already replace showrunners while the season isn’t even over .

  • Bart Crowe

    Ghosted is just coasting on the excellent chemistry between Craig Robinson and Adam Scott but the last couple of episodes have been getting significantly better. I really think this show has potential and I’m glad Fox hasn’t cancelled it yet.

    • Saturn

      The chemistry between them seems perfectly natural – I’d like to see them do something together in a movie.
      Perhaps as ex school enemies who have to team up during a High School Reunion to stop space terrorists.

  • Jeremy

    8 plus 6 does not equal 16…

    • Saturn

      Shhhhh, of course it does.
      On BD we don’t use that old fashioned maths that was taught in school, WE use Schaechematics which has been proved to be more accurate, in some case by over 102%!

      • Jeremy

        Common Core math. Got it!

      • Necro

        HaHa “Schaechematics”! Geez!

  • Shane o mac

    Extending the first season has to be a good sign,right? Imo tho the show could focus a lil bit more on the ghosts than the comedy

  • Marla

    So, in other words, the producers over at FOX have officially run out of ideas for any show.

  • Mayday

    This show is such a mess and so painfully unfunny I can’t believe it wasn’t cancelled after 3 episodes.

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