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Showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green Have Left “American Gods”

The good news? “American Gods” will be back on Starz for a second season. The bad news? Showrunners/creative forces Bryan Fuller and Michael Green are out.

Via Deadline tonight, Fuller and Green informed the “American Gods” cast of their departure today. The likely reason? “We hear series producer FremantleMedia North America, under new scripted chief Dante di Loreto, tried to impose big budget cuts for the 10-episode second season, which led to the showrunner change,” Deadline reports.

Contrary to that bit of information, we have been informed that budget cuts were *not* the reason for the departure. In fact, we’ve heard budgets are *increasing* for Season 2.

The site adds, “We hear more than half of the scripts for Season 2, which had been targeting a mid-2018 premiere, have been written. Search is underway for a new showrunner. Neil Gaiman may come on board as a co-showrunner but that is in flux as he also has series Good Omens for Amazon.”

The small screen adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s 2001 novel was created by Fuller and Green, so their loss is needless to say a massive one for the series.



  • Q.

    Opportunity for Hannibal S4!

    • JackJonston24

      Not going to happen for a multitude of reason unfortunately,too late now,Netflix had the chance to pick it up after NBC cancelled it but they decided to pass and now almost all the people that worked on the show from the writers and actors are stuck with different projects .

      • Q.
      • J Jett

        Jack, there’s been buzz (which i know, technically could just be buzz) from several HANNIBAL cast members as well as Fuller himself about a possible 4th season. i definitely remember reading an interview/article with Hugh Dancy where he said he’d most definitely return for a 4th season if the show was to return. i’ll try to find the article and post the link here.

  • JackJonston24

    Such a shame,this series was stuck in developement hell,first it was supposed to be a movie,then it was shopped to HBO,then to Starz and when it finally came out i couldn’t believe it,looks like it’s not going to get past a second season though,it would have been better if it was on HBO as they have more money than Starz .

  • Justin McGill

    Well.. At least Fuller had a great reason jumping ship this time. But if you follow him.. It was just a matter of time before he did. He starts shows then bails pretty quickly. I think Hannibal may have been the only one he really stuck around for. As much as I love the work he turns out it’s the reason I no longer get stoked when I see his name attached anymore. He usually bails in season 2 and it all goes to hell.

    • J Jett

      what you wrote (regarding Fuller) sounds EXACTLY like American Horror Story’s Ryan Murphy. LOL. all/most of Murphy’s shows have great first and/or second seasons, then they get worse and worse.

      • Justin McGill

        I could be wrong.. But I think Murphy still keeps an eye on his shows.. which is why some of them wear out kind of quick as he’s trying to run 3-4 shows at the same time. For most of the last decade he’s never had less than 3 in the air running their current seasons or right back to back. He had AHS.. then Feud popped up in the middle I think then the next American Crime Story coming up soon.

    • Israel Joshua Davis

      I don’t think it’s Bryan Fuller’s fault for every time he leaves the shows he created. Most of the time it’s the network that has screwed him out of his position.

  • J Jett

    this fucking sucks!! Fuller’s unique, incredible eye for visuals and storylines, etc. is irreplaceable!! it’s like the overt difference between del Toro’s PACIFIC RIM (which had his amazing del Toro visuals) and PACIFIC RIM 2 (which looks like bad Saturday morning kids tv show). there’s little to no way season 2 of AMERICAN GODS will be as amazing as season 1 was now that Fuller is gone. this fucking sucks!

  • Inferus

    This is Darabont/Walking Dead all over again.

    • Matt Miller

      I’m still so angry about that one

      • J Jett

        same here.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    wow, so they want to make it as cheap looking and made as possible

  • Matt Miller

    It’s terrible this thing. I never watched American Gods but I loved Hannibal and I feel sorry for Bryan Fuller, he has the worst luck with his TV shows, at least he could give Hannibal a proper closure.

  • Nefferson Taveira

    That’s a MASSIVE lost. Bryan Fuller is so fuckin talented; his visuals and style are unique. Looks like we’re gonna get a second season poor, cheap e dumb. American Gods is dead.

  • Saltoner


  • Francesco Falciani

    that’s TERRIBLE the worst news ever. the show was one of the best ever….terrible terrible news

  • TheMuppetManiac

    I liked season one, but can the guy playing Shadow is really weak compared to the rest of the cast. His acting is wooden and he has zero charisma.

    • Simon Allen

      He’s supposed to be low key because …..well the rest of them are Gods !!!
      I think Ricky Whittle does a fine job and is very easy on the eyes .

      • J Jett

        um, Ricky Whittle is fucking HOT! 🙂

        • Simon Allen

          #understatement .

      • KJ Ozborne

        I dig Ricky, but I do not think he is easy on the eyes. I like chicks.

        • Simon Allen

          I completely understand my friend 🙂 .

  • Fuck! One of the reasons i kept watching AG, besides the fact that was very good, was that it’s a really good looking series, expensive à la Hannibal, full of gorgeous shots and FX. What a waste.

  • Simon Allen

    OH NO !!!
    Fullers top quality fingerprints are all over this show and that’s what makes it so great .,….the visuals alone are just astounding (much like Hannibal).
    This is really not great news .
    The networks know what they are letting themselves in for when they get Fuller to sign on the dotted line so why do they never just let him get the fuck on with it .
    I await season 2 with trepidation now 🙁 .

    • Darren Kerr

      Likewise bud.
      Visually the series has proven to be fantastic, and unless they bring in someone that that has an almost identical sense of style, it could run the danger of being completely jarring come season 2.
      Fingers crossed.

  • Christopher Nickerson

    Haven’t watched this yet but was planning to do to Fuller’s involvement, now will just skip it altogether

  • Santos L Halper

    Bummer! Loved season 1, guess I’ll tune in for season 2 but I’m no longer anticipating it

  • The Night King

    Bryan Fuller ruined Star Trek and made it unwatchable so eff him.It was like having someone with downs syndrome come in and retool your favorite franchise. Sure, people with downs syndrome love the show and the number of people with downs syndrome watching the show has increased, but long time fans of the franchise are like WTF is this shit?

    • Graham Dalrymple

      WTF is this shit is exactly what I think of what u jst wrote u nasty,offensive little cretin

      • The Night King

        My god, Graham has been offended. We should ALL endeavor to censor and limit our thoughts in accordance with Graham’s delicate feelings.

        • Graham Dalrymple

          Nah,you haven’t hurt my feelings,its more about not being an offensive little douche bag you sad little troll.

    • Daucus Karota

      I had no idea Fuller was involved in Star Trek Discovery, but it sure figures since I like it so much- and no Downs Syndrome here 🙂

      Tell me something, did you enjoy Deep Space 9? I’ve liked the original series, TNG / Voyager (never bothered with Enterprise) and I like pretty much all of the films ever made, but Deep Space 9 was unwatchable for me.

      What bothers you about Discovery? I’m not going to try and convince you. I’ve heard this before so you are not alone, but I swear I’m watching a different show.

      And yes, this is bad for American Gods. Season 1 was really great. Hopefully this is an indication he is freeing up time to go back to Hannibal.

      • The Night King

        I enjoyed the original series. The general opinion is that if you do not like Discovery, you are a sexist, a homophobe, and a racist. The reality is that this show was made to bring in large numbers of social justice warrior types who never watched Star Trek before. And their attempts just overwhelm it. I am not a prude but there is no reason to use the word Fuck on Star Trek. At it’s core Star Trek should be Star Trek and it’s always been diverse, but this show is current political opinions wrapped in a Star Trek skin. That’s why the majority of people hate it.

        • Daucus Karota

          The counter argument to what you were saying is that the original series pushed boundaries, having Uhura on the bridge / kissing the white captain / etc.. So I agree that in the spirit of carrying on that legacy there is an obvious inclusionary aspect to Discovery. But I gotta say the reason I like it isn’t at all because of that. The story, characters and production value are why I’m into it. The Klingons look fuckin rad. I look forward to finding out what made them change. But fair enough. At the end of the day you have to be able to suspend your disbelief and if you are finding that they are crowbarring in an agenda, you aren’t necessarily wrong to be put off by that on principle.

        • Fernadz

          Star Trek? Come on brother. You’re scaring me. Star Trek has always been a recruiting tool to emasculate men. That was the first step. Notice how now it became cool to be cosplayers and for hot girls to be “nerds”. It was a plan decades in the making. First they emasculate you with the nerd sci-fi nonsense. Then the hot girls come in to again remind you that you could never get laid by any of them. At that point, your testicles just shrink to nothingness and your penis inverts. It;’s a scientific fact. I don’t even want to know if you have any memorabilia of anything related to sci-fi or horror. There’s still time to fight back brother

  • sedoi

    First season disappointed me,maybe now I like second better.

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