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“Stranger Things” Season 3 Officially Announced By Netflix!

Netflix is wasting no time in moving forward on the third season of “Stranger Things”, officially announcing the continuation on Twitter Friday morning.

“Stranger Things 2”, which debuted this past October, took place in 1984, with the citizens of Hawkins, Indiana still reeling from the horrors of the Demogorgon and the secrets of Hawkins Lab. Will Byers had been rescued from the Upside Down, but a bigger, more sinister entity still threatened those who survived. The best episode of “Stranger Things” season 2 dared to break the mold, John Squires wrote.

The series stars Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers, David Harbour as Chief Jim Hopper, Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler, Noah Schnapp as Will Byers, Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas Sinclair, Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin Henderson, Cara Buono as Karen Wheeler, Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler, Charlie Heaton as Jonathan Byers, Joe Keery as Steve Harrington, Dacre Montgomery as Billy, and Sadie Sink as Max, among others.

The series is created by The Duffer Brothers, who also serve as executive producers and directors along with Shawn Levy (who also directs), Dan Cohen and Iain Patterson. “Stranger Things” is a Netflix production.

“Stranger Things” received 18 Emmy nominations this year (with five wins) and was honored with the 2017 SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, as well as the 2017 Norman Felton Producer of the Year Award in Episodic Television — Drama from the Producers Guild of America.

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  • Barry El Beardo

    Please be better than season 2!

    • Don Peterson

      I thought season 2 was better than 1. Each to their own. Still cant wait for 3!

      • Barry El Beardo

        I thought season 2 was a waste.
        But yes, season 3!!

      • The show just keeps getting better!

    • Collin Gerberding

      Was it the tonal shift in the chicago episode?
      Or the fact that pretty much every bad things that happened was caused by one of the characters on the show?
      (Bob says stand your ground, Will becomes the mindflayer; Dustin lies about about the UD beast, more people die;etc)

      S2 had high moments, but as a whole it was pretty meh.

  • Jesse Sikora

    I loved season 2. Bring on the next one!!

  • Both seasons rock, not a single bad episode among them! Can’t wait for more!

    • Grimphantom

      Not even episode 7? =P

      • That was my favorite episode of Season 2. Yes it broke the flow, but a chance to really shake things up with 11 and see her character get a chance to stretch and grow was really rewarding for me personally.

        • Grimphantom

          11 was good in that episode, the rest is what some dislike about the episode. I personally would’ve like if 8 was on her own and has her own agenda, making both 11 and 8 have different views on people who are not like them.

          • I get the complaints, I’m not disputing them for sure. Just saying that I personally enjoyed the episode greatly! The strange, crust-punk-mutant-gang was totally unexpected and I got a huge kick out of it. That said, I see how some people might not be able to look past the narrative and structural shortcuts that the episode presented.

        • MrX13

          I didn’t like that Eleven was trying to be bad like her sister but it didn’t break or damage the season, it was still good. I did like that they tried at least to stretch and grow her character.

        • J Jett

          ep.7 imo wasn’t all that great. it had some good parts about it (Eleven’s sister, etc.). that being said what made the ep an awful burden to sit through was where the ep was placed in the season. to place the ep immediately after episode 6’s HUGE CLIFFHANGER was unforgivable.

          oh and i though #8 being the one to teach Eleven to use her powers was lame. Eleven’s “inspiration” for finding her strength should have just been her love for her new friends/family (Mike and the gang).

      • MrX13

        I didn’t care for ep7 but it wasn’t bad as everyone makes it to be. They just explored Eleven and her sister a bit. But Eleven came back to her senses and helped saved her true friends

  • Dennis Chenier

    On a scale of 1-10 for excitement, I’m an 11.

  • Vinnie Vincent’s Dead Dog

    Please just don’t do anymore bullshit like episode 7.

  • Grimphantom

    No surprise but i do hope they work better when it comes to the writing and not going for cliches that are too obvious like Billy and Just having Mike there for the entire season and being an A-hole to Max.

    Also not trying to make a pilot or spinoff, if the characters are popular for the fans then try making an episode or a pilot without involving the main show you got. Season 2 was good but not the way we expected, i do feel the hype did hurt the show and didn’t deliver like what Gravity Falls did when they aired Season 2.

    • J Jett

      i agree 100%. 🙂

  • Creepshow

    A few of the episodes felt like I was watching the same shit over and over.

    Will wigging out.
    Eleven and Hellboy fighting.
    Red haired skater chick being a c*nt.
    Red haired skater chick’s brother (a cocktail of Rob Lowe & Joe Dirt) being a c*ck.

    I’m still working my way through season 2. I can’t sit through back to back episodes.

    • Alanmac

      The Rob Lowe and Joe Dirt thing is comment of the day!!!!

    • EmPleH

      I thought the brother was Zac Efron with a mullet. Couldn’t see it any other way.

    • Trazy

      I don’t think “RoJoJar” is pointless they need to kill some1 next year.

  • Mitchel A. Jones

    Proof you can’t please everyone. Season one was great. It had an innocents about it. Everyone was naive and just figuring out the true horror that awaits them. Their childhood perception of the world around them shattered. Then you move to season two.. That innocents had been stripped away and the danger was greater and even more threatening. It had a tonal shift because of that, which I think some people didn’t like, which makes sense but you can’t just keep rehashing season one, characters don’t work that way, or at least they shouldn’t with good writing. They evolve and become more complex, which they seemed to do in season two. I don’t think it was “better” or “worse” season but rather a necessary evolution of the story. I can’t wait to see where season three takes us!

    • J Jett

      season 1 was indeed great. season 2 was ok. one issue i had with it was that it many storylines were just rehashes from season 1.
      -Jonathan & Nancy’s “WE’LL STOP ‘EM” adventure
      -the Johnathan/Nancy/Steve love triangle
      -love triangles between Lucas/Eleven/Mike (season 1) / love triangles between Lucas/Max/Dustin (season 2)
      -the amazing flickering lights communication between Joyce & Will (season 1) / the meh…artwork/roadmap (season 2).
      etc., etc.
      i DO like season 2 though.

  • Creepshow

    There’s a dash and a sprinkle of Jared Leto in that drink as well.
    (that’s the secret ingredient)

    • Necro

      I went into a 5 minute laughing spell after reading that comment. And just when I thought was composed I tried to resume drinking my coffee and ended up laughing and choking on it! Man that was good!

    • J Jett

      and what was fucking ridiculous about the Joe dirt/Lowe dickhead brother is that his role is 100000% pointless/inconsequential in the show. you could remove him from the show and literally nothing would change. his actions didn’t have an affect on Sam’s relationship with gang. he doesn’t even have a character arch like Steve did in season 1. at least Steve went from dickhead to pretty nice guy. Joe Dirt was 100% filler/pointless (although i agree w/ the 3 girls on the show who said he has a nice ass! LOL). so i guess there’s that. 🙂

      • Rick-Taylor

        He is completely pointless, but he is the best part of season 2.

  • Necro

    Season two was good, but not great. A little overhyped if you ask me. Then every time I turn around there’s new shit in the marketing aspect, and most of it isn’t all that. I’m glad to hear about season three, but I hope this show isn’t getting to big for its own good! I realize they aren’t planning on doing 10 seasons of the show, but for the seasons they are planning on I hope the end product doesn’t get watered down due to its ever growing popularity!

    • J Jett

      season 1 is one of the greatest seasons of a show ever imo. i enjoyed season 2 but i didn’t love it and it kind of quelled some of my excitement for the show overall.

  • Surprise?

  • MrX13

    We all knew that ST3 was going to happen! Looking forward to this new season next year!

  • Max Barber

    Season Two upped the game. It improved upon an already excellent first season. These guys know how to make a show.

  • Dennis Giles

    Bearly got through season one,not going to bother with rest of it.
    Can’t seem to “Get it”…

  • Robb Quinn

    All the second season does is reference the first season. The plot doesn’t progress and there are no consequences or stakes. You could literally skip the second season and not miss any beats. The characters are static and the demogorgon is lame and poorly designed. I’ll tune in once main characters start dying and a real horror story emerges.

    • Dennis Giles

      Good luck waiting for the “horror” element to kick in.

  • Alanmac

    The end of season 2 seemed kinda phoned in to me but I still enjoyed the season overall, (except for ep 7). Bring on season 3!!

  • Rick-Taylor

    I’m ambivalent. I’m not a fan of the show, yet I have watched both seasons. I don’t hate it, but I feel it is “Meh”. I’m glad it has a good following, I just don’t feel it. Yet, somehow, I still binge watched the second season. I would like if season 3 explored more of the upside-down and that death of the one friend. Possibly exploring the dearth of missing kids. I would really like to see more on Billy. He is such an asshole, it makes him the most fun character.

    My one big complaint about season 2 is that it could have been done within 2 episodes. The rest of the season was tossing in ways to keep 11 away from the town, because she fixed everything in 5 minutes.

  • Nia Snacks

    Notice how all sequels to everything always introduce the parents? All genres. It’s like that’s the follow-up idea. Bring in the parents.

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