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CBS All Access Officially Orders “Twilight Zone” Reboot from Producer Jordan Peele


Just about a month after learning that CBS was developing a new “Twilight Zone” series for their All Access streaming service, THR reports today that CBS All Access has officially handed out a series order to the small screen reboot!

An episode count and premiere date have not been determined, the site notes.

The new series will be produced by CBS Television Studios in association with Jordan Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions and Simon Kinberg’s Genre Films. Peele, Kinberg and Ramirez will exec produce for the series and collaborate on the premiere episode. Win Rosenfeld and Audrey Chon will also serve as executive producers.

Too many times this year it’s felt we were living in a twilight zone, and I can’t think of a better moment to reintroduce it to modern audiences,” said Peele.

Marco Ramirez (“Daredevil”) is attached as showrunner.

“The Twilight Zone,” created and hosted by Rod Serling, ran as a series on CBS from 1959 to 1964. The show melded fantasy, science-fiction, and horror elements with Serling serving as the exec producer and writing or co-writing 92 of the show’s 156 episodes along with delivering monologues at the beginning and end of each episode.



  • The chicken man

    Oh. My. God.

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • llcc1103

    Yea good luck with that.

  • Danny Gibson

    They better not turn it into some libtard rhetoric bullshit.

    • Terry Hesticles

      They probably will unfortunately

      • JackJonston24

        Cry more you pathetic little dweeb,read some Breitbart article maybe it will make you feel better and more suited to your safe space .

    • Satanzilla

      Or else what, trumpkin?

    • Boonedock Saint

      Boycott CBS then if you don’t like it noone is forcing you to watch it clockwork orange style.

    • JackJonston24

      Aaaaand here we go,put alt right trash on ignore where it belongs .

    • ToryK

      The original is “libtard rhetoric bullshit”. If you’re gonna claim to like something, at least understand it first.

    • ToryK

      Did you pay attention to the show? I mean, at all? Ever read up on Rod Serling’s politics? What about how he used the show as a platform for these views and ideals? I swear to god. And you call us “tards” (which is not only offensive, but boring and totally unoriginal).

      • Marla

        …and outdated.

    • Marla

      Oh, I’m sure the executives at CBS will have an episode with a Tiki torch or two in it just to satisfy your alt-right whining.Maybe even a episode of a pedophile who hangs out at shopping malls.

  • The Night King

    Will this be an honest reboot of The Twilight Zone or will every episode be a thinly veiled lesson in liberalism? CBS seems more interested in catering to people who are obsessed with race in their reboots than they are making shows that tell honest stories in the spirit of the original series. And I am not a conservative.

    • scryberwitch

      Uh, hate to break it to you, but the original TZ *was* a thinly veiled lesson in liberalism. Try watching it sometime.

      • The Night King

        Liberalism in the 60’s was quite a bit more subtle and rooted in reality than the fanatical, batshit crazy liberalism of the 2017 era.

        • Fernadz

          Don’t believe that brother. Liberals have always been trying to convert the world into hippie-transexualites. Do you have the resistance approved screen protectors for your computer/laptop brother? Have to be careful. The WiFI signals are meant to target alpha males like yourself to turn you into a beta. Wake up brother! Real mean don’t watch sci-fi or horror fruity pebbles nonsense. You joined only this year. Not a good sign. Do you have feelings where you’re a little TOO proud of the alpha male you are? That’s a first sign. Next you’ll be trying to suck your own dick. You need to sit down back to back hours of porn and real life death footage. Leave the sci-fi gay orgies alone and take back control of your life brother!

    • Mik Duffy

      Serling’s show was full of left-leaning and progressive commentary. It was anti-racist, anti-fascist and, in its lighter episodes, brimming with humanistic warmth. The reboot would do well to follow suit.

  • Jack Derwent

    “Where will he go next, this phantom from another time, this resurrected ghost of a previous nightmare – Chicago? Los Angeles? Miami, Florida? Vincennes, Indiana? Syracuse, New York? Anyplace, everyplace, where there’s hate, where there’s prejudice, where there’s bigotry. He’s alive. He’s alive so long as these evils exist. Remember that when he comes to your town. Remember it when you hear his voice speaking out through others. Remember it when you hear a name called, a minority attacked, any blind, unreasoning assault on a people or any human being. He’s alive because through these things we keep him alive.” — Rod Serling

    Ugh Rod Serling was a libtard SJW CUCK! #MAGA

    • JackJonston24

      Lol,the sad thing is today a comment like this can actually be said by some dumbass alt righter .

      • scryberwitch

        Yep, and they’ve done just that below…

    • Leonard Vaxine

      Lol shut the fuck up. No one cares but you

      • JackJonston24

        Nice argument you got there pal . Really shows your “intelligence”

        • Leonard Vaxine

          Okay, first of all: I wasn’t even talking to you. Second of all: Who said I was trying to show my ‘intelligence’? Usually the people who say stuff like ‘Shows your intellgience dumbass hahah!’ are people who are just really stupid. Third of all: I’m not going to be one of those people who has fights over the internet. That’s stupid as hell.

  • Rad4Life

    Not a fan of this. Let’s be honest…Jordan Peele made one good horror movie and all of a sudden he is getting all of this horror work. Can we at least make sure he isn’t a fluke before potentially ruining TWZ?

    • Drew

      When did he make a good horror film?

      • Marla


  • Saturn

    With the announcement of The Twilight Zone, and of course Tales From The Crypt, how long before The Outer Limits is rebooted too?
    I’m actually looking forward to all 3 (if O.L. is announced) as I’m a fan of the originals, so hopefully we’ll get some good tv out of them.

  • James Allard

    Oh my God. Jesus wept. Not the column or its style but the comments.

  • Kaijudude

    Personally , without getting into all the liberal/conservative fuckery, yeah , they really should have waited to find out if he could actually keep up a body of horror and sci fi work .

  • Jason Allen Brown

    I was just thinking of the idea of taking some episodes from the original series and updating the visuals (keeping to the original social commentary and satire) for today’s audience. Of course, one would have to be established in Hollywood for such a property and I’m a nobody.

  • Alanmac

    Love Twilight Zone and love redo’s but I don’t really think it needs it. Now Tales from the Crypt? THAT was a redo I was dying for.

  • Marla

    Twilight Zone’ without Serling? Unless they are planning to rehash his original scripts this will be another lame network TV trying to cash in on cult favorites scam. The board room meetings with Jordan Peele must be where they throw a dart on a wall of classic TV shows and sell them to advertisers as a “reboot.” What’s next? Perry Mason meets Night Gallery? Please, enough is enough. Leave what is sacred alone.

  • A little odd that this article mentions neither of the prior reboots. I liked the ’80s series, with episodes based on stories by interesting writers like Richard Matheson.

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