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Striking Poster Begins at ‘The End Of The F***ing World’

E4 and Netflix partnered up earlier this year for the teen thriller The End of the F***ing World, which follows the adventures of disturbed teenager James who embarks on a road trip with a new girl in school, Alyssa, to find her real father. One night, however, the pair find themselves caught up in events that lead them down an increasingly menacing and surreal path.

Alex Lawther, who was excellently mortifying in “Black Mirror”, stars as the young teen alongside Jessica Barden (“Penny Dreadful”) in the series that will premiere this coming Friday, January 5th!

Written by Charlie Covell and based on the award-winning series of comic books by Charles Forsman, the series is described as a darkly comic road trip tale.

Jonathan Entwistle and Lucy Tcherniak direct, while Kate Ogborn (The Unloved, Red Riding) is producer.

Here’s a look at the film’s striking official poster.



  • Grimphantom

    Why are you still posting this? It’s not horror, sci-fi or thriller…….just some stupid kids doing some of the dumbest things.

    • Inferus

      They need that millennial demographic.

      • Grimphantom

        Oh yeah, the same idiots who asked for Wish Upon and Flatliners and what it appears that Slender Man is also in that category

        • Inferus

          Slender Man: created by a generation obsessed with skinny jeans. FFS, they didn’t even tease the bastard in the trailer, but thank God for all the emo shots.

          • Grimphantom

            It’s the same 2000 teen movie films where some dumb teens and kids do some random stuff and strange things are happening to them……ugh. I prefer reading Junji Ito’s work, at least the teens there creep me out.

    • Roxoriku

      I implore you to give the show a shot. It’s only 8, 20 minute long episodes, so itsi really not going to eat up much of your time. I shook my head at the premise of Flatliners and have long since grown out of any particular fascination with Slenderman.

      This is a show about two fucked up kids in a fucked up world. It’s a crazy ride and you’re only punishing yourself by not watching it.

      (Also, I see the Bill Cipher avatar. Kudos)

      • Grimphantom

        Ok, you convince me but it’s because how nicely your comment is and also nice to see a Gravity Falls fan.

        • Roxoriku

          Heck yeah! Hope you enjoy it. I’d love to hear your opinion on it.

          Also saw that you’re a Junji Ito fan, I haven’t read much of his work but Glyceride is the stuff of nightmares, man.

          • Grimphantom

            Hopefully since i do have some stuff to work and watch lol. Yup and pretty much his works are good and even if they are not, the design of the characters are just appealing to watch.

            There’s already the anime of his horror collection and the OVA’s of his more well known stories, Tomie.

          • Roxoriku

            Oh, I didn’t know his work a had been adapted. I need to look into that sometime

          • Grimphantom

            Yes but no worries since it started this year. I do recommend avoiding GYO at all cost, that’s one crappy adaptation that makes the live action movies look good.

  • Define “striking”

  • Eric

    I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this series.
    It was pretty dark and some of the situations they end up in are sinister to say the least. It’s a pretty grim look at humanity. Some excellent dark comedy as well.

  • HeWaTcHeSnOeYeS

    What a boring poster.
    Anti- striking I’d say.

  • Dan Warren (Forgottenretroworl

    The title suggests that sexual intercourse will be no more.

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