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Bruce Campbell Shares Badass Behind the Scenes Photos from Awesome “Ash vs. Evil Dead” Final Moments

Starz may have pulled the plug on “Ash vs. Evil Dead” after just three seasons, but the series went out on a pretty cool – if not a tad bit cruel – note this past Sunday night. After fulfilling his ultimate destiny and vanquishing the massive Kaiju Deadite known as Kandar, Ash woke up in a post-apocalyptic future, his hand restored and his beloved Delta ’88 transformed into a Mad Max-style killing machine.

Ash’s final word? “GROOVY,” of course.

In celebration of the end, not only of the series but of the Ash character, Bruce Campbell just took to Twitter to share some behind the scenes shots from those final moments.

Campbell tweeted…

A few “last images” from Ash vs. Evil Dead. Goodbyes are always awkward, but what a great Kiwi crew! Props to Rob Tapert and Rick Jacobson for a quality finale.”

Forever the king. For. Ever.



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