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How Well Do You Know The ‘Fallout’ Series?

The Fallout games are a wonderful mix of genres, seamlessly blending adventure, action, sci-fi, and post-apocalyptic horror elements into one wildly popular series that still attracts players nearly 20 years since the release of the original. And if you think that the series doesn’t have some seriously spooky elements behind it, I highly suggest you check out this list of disturbing vault backstories.

But how well brushed up are you on your Fallout lore? Considering there are eight games in the franchise to this point (yes, I’m including Fallout Shelter), that’s a lot of storyline to follow. Add in the fact that the games are MASSIVE in scope and I find myself wondering if anyone, and that includes the games’ developers, know everything that’s happening in the Fallout universe.

But if you want to risk it, I’ve got a quiz for you below! All you have to do is answer 20 questions that go over the series and then let us know how you did in the comments below!

Alright vault dweller, go forth and explore that wasteland!



  • Olivier

    On question 16 this is a x-01 not a t-60

    • Coronerslab

      Yep, they got that wrong. You can tell from the helmet.

  • Frank Lloyd Jr.

    10 out of 20. Pretty good considering that I know absolutely nothing about the game. Multiple choice is your friend.

  • Phendranah

    16/20.. not bad. I never played New Vegas so that’s where I fell short.

  • 6/20
    Shame on me!

  • Eizzy IceBorne

    Just 10, because I haven`t played New Vegas in years. XD

    But for my defense, I recently played Fallout 4 and this armour in question 16 is definitely the X-01; not the T60! 😉

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