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Win a ‘Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning’ NECA Prop Mask!

Tomorrow, we’re going to be launching the Bloody-Disgusting Twitch channel, which will be hosted by my pal Bill. We’ve been talking about it a fair bit but we’re really excited to get this off the ground and finally going!

As a way of saying thank you to everyone for supporting us for 15 years (!!!), we’ve announced that we’ll be giving away a lot of cool stuff, including several Scream! Factory blu-rays as well as a copy of Gunship’s picture disc vinyl. Well, today, we’re adding in NECA’s Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning 1:1 scale prop mask as a potential prize!

The stream starts tomorrow at 1pm EST and will go until 7pm EST. We asked what game Bill should play and it looks like it’s going to be 2014’s Alien: Isolation, so get ready for some xenomorph goodness!

All details on how to win the various prizes will be brought up tomorrow, so be sure to tune in for your chance to win!



  • The Drucifer

    Great game. If I could be so bold as to recommend SOMA at some point. What a massively underrated game.

    • SpacemanSpliffz

      that game was amazing, love game endings that make you stop and go “the fuck?”

      • The Drucifer

        The more you read into the world and get to understand the struggle everyone at Upsilon went through before you wake up is some of the best environmental and audio log driven storytelling in games. It’s up there with Bioshock and not for the obvious reasons but the craftsmanship and thoughtfulness that went into pretty much everything you see, hear, and feel during the game.

  • Fracassi

    Sweet! *I will win a Scream Blu-Ray, I will win a Scream Blu-Ray*

  • Blade4693

    NOOOOOOOOOO! I forgot about that stream today 🙁

  • Brodie Mayhem

    son of a …… why didn’t you guys call me?

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