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Green Herbs are Back With a New Twist in This Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Video

Capcom just released another short Resident Evil 7 gameplay video showing us that green herbs are back, with a twist. Now you can use item management to combine the green herbs with a first aid mod that allows you to heal yourself and promote cell regeneration. Capcom adds “Green herbs become even more potent with a new ingredient.”

This is Volume 5 in a series of short videos showing off snippets of gameplay footage, each one teasing a renewed focus on survival which is something I’m excited to see. Check out the rest of the videos here.

Preorders are available now and Resident Evil 7 will release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on January 24, 2017.



  • Matt

    Green herbs are great (in more ways than one). Still waiting to see something that will make it a “Resident Evil” game. E.g., zombies, Lickers, Las Plagas, or some other B.O.W. Leaving aside my disdain for ‘first person’, it still hasn’t shown anything from the R.E. universe.

    • Hamsterballs

      That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Remember that RE4 also lacked a lot of what people then considered core for a RE game. No Umbrella Corp, no fixed camera angles with pre-rendered environments, no giant mutant animals, no rotting shambling zombies, and insertion of fantasy horror elements like a castle, animate suits of armor, and those giant troll things.

      Sure the backstory still had to do with bioweapons, but the aesthetic, monsters, and play style were all totally new, and yet it was a great game. I would much rather have them go in a new direction but return to horror than release another action game that has you shooting at tentacle monsters.

      • Matt

        While I agree with you that RE4 was a great, fun game to play, in my opinion it wasn’t very Resident Evil-like. But at least it did have various mutated creatures that fit into a RE-type setting.

        To me, if it is going to return to its “horror” roots, at the very least there must be zombies. They were an integral part of the early games (as were the Lickers and Zombie Dogs). If there isn’t going to be anything to connect it to Umbrella/zombies/mutants/etc., then why call it Resident Evil at all? Just my personal feelings on the subject.

        • Hamsterballs

          I see your point in that if it doesn’t have RE elements, it shouldn’t be called RE, but for better or worse that’s the only way Capcom would make such a game. RE7 will sell better than the same game would with a different name, because of brand recognition.

          That said, I’m personally hoping for something closer to Silent Hill than RE. I always found the SH games scarier than RE, and now that Konami has essentially harpooned the franchise, this might be as close as it gets. Plus, zombies feel really oversaturated at the moment, and have lost a lot of their creepiness by pure volume. On the other hand, a return to classic RE1 elements could be cool too; the GC remake was an amazing survival horror game, silly puzzles and all.

          • Matt

            If they bring this game to the market as “Resident Evil”, and have nothing to connect it in some way to the mythos (which is what it looks like they are doing), they will further alienate many of us old school (and old) fans of the series. They may gain new converts, but lose many of the old fanatics.

            I guess maybe I’m biased on the zombie thing, but a RE game without them isn’t much of an RE game. (I too loved the Game Cube remake. I’ve still got my Cube and 0 through 4, and Code: Veronica for it.)

    • The Baker family are clearly infected by some type of new Umbrella virus (Jack breaking through walls, Lucas regenerating). Umbrella is also mentioned in the demo and Capcom showed renders of zombie-type enemies at GDC.

      Either way, Las Plagas were introduced to the series in the 4th game, so at one point they weren’t “from the R.E universe” either. God forbid they take the series in a fresh direction as opposed to recycling the same threat we’ve seen half a dozen times.

  • Phendranah

    Pretty keen to see what will actually happen in this game.
    I am glad they are keeping this on the low however and not showing us all that much.

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