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Enter the World of ‘Silent Hill’ With 360VR Videos [Halloween Treat]

The world of Silent Hill is strangely compelling and alluring. The Resident Evil universe feels gross and unpleasant while environments in Dead Space are cold and unwelcoming. But the foggy town that we’ve come to know over more than 15 years has a strange appeal to it that other survival horror universes fail to possess. I can’t put my finger on this phenomenon but I know that I’m 100% guilty of it. If offered the chance to venture into Silent Hill, I may have to say “yes”.

In lieu of that being an actual possibility, YouTuber VJ Ravenlight has created several 360VR videos that are a way for viewers to place themselves inside various locations from the Silent Hill games. There’s Neely’s bar, the Lakeside Amusement Park, Alessa’s classroom, the Heaven’s Night gentlemen’s club, and more. This is your chance to place yourself inside Silent Hill and feel like you’re a part of that phantasmagoric town. Well, if you have a VR set, of course.

You can click around in all the environments by letting the below video go through the playlist one video at a time or you can click around and search through the locations you like by sorting through this playlist.

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    This is the kind of game that would make me buy a VR headset. This atmosphere mournful and tortured is really the best I’ve ever heard! I can’t imagine sitting next to the rabbit for eternity ^^

    • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

      The new resident evil is seriously making me consider buying a playstation VR

  • VJ Ravenlight

    Thank you very much for share my work 🙂
    I promise make more!!!

    Also have in my YT Channel 360 from Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Soul Reaver and Vagrant Story (and if possible subscribe to my channel)

    And in Facebook Fanpage have Images360 (JPG) and some static fanart remastered Edition

    Best Regards from Buenos Aires – Argentina.
    VJ Ravenlight

    And soon


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