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There’s a ‘Resident Evil’ Rocket Launcher Cushion and I Want One!

One of the most iconic weapons throughout the Resident Evil video game series is the rocket launcher. Ever since the first game ended with Brad (that damn coward…) dropped a rocket launcher on the helipad during the battle with the Tyrant, it’s become a staple weapon throughout many titles, even becoming an optional infinite weapon if you want to breeze through the game without any real concern.

Capcom has decided to honor this beast of a weapon by making a plush version that is large enough to use as a pillow. Plus it comes with little projectiles, which are rather cute. I do have to laugh at HLJ’s description, which makes it clear that the, “…Japanese lady, laptop computer, etc. are not included.” No shit, pal. I’m trying to get a Resident Evil rocket launcher, not a lifetime commitment to a woman I don’t even know or a laptop that probably can’t even run Doom on high settings! Pfft…amateurs…

If you want one for yourself, you can order it through the above link (it ships in January of 2017). After conversion, the price comes to just around $45, so it’s not a cheap investment. However, the Resident Evil fan in your life will love you forever. Or until they lose all those projectiles, which is probably a month or two.



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