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This “The Walking Dead”/”Rick And Morty” Telltale Games Crossover is Everything I Want

Telltale Games has a history over the past several years of releasing some of the most exciting and immersive video games around. Their first season of “The Walking Dead” was hailed as a masterpiece of storytelling and audiences the world over were drawn in by the characters Clementine and Lee. Each release since has seen critics and casual players alike thrilled by the prospect of what’s to come. But what if Telltale decided to crossover two distinct universes into one cohesive plotline? That’s where Mashed comes in.

They’ve created a video where the titular characters of the TV show “Rick and Morty” fall into the world of the AMC zombie drama previously mentioned and must work through the various scenarios presented. What’s great about the video is that it captures the style of the Telltale games while also breaking the fourth wall and specifically addressing that same construction.

The video isn’t 100% perfect but it’s damn good and it makes me wish that something like this existed because I’d play the unholy HELL out of that game!




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