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Yes, You Can Play ‘Doom’ on the New MacBook Pro Touch Bar

When Apple announced that their new line of MacBook Pros were going to have a touch bar that would adjust itself per the need of the program that’s currently active, people were skeptical yet interested. It seemed like a fascinating concept that would allow for greater control of your work, such as in Photoshop, iMovie, ProTools, etc… But what if you could run a program directly through the touch bar itself?

YouTuber diffractive – b3ll tested that out and found that, yes, you can in fact run a program through that bar, although it looks rather ridiculous. Case in point, he ran the 1993 sci-fi/horror FPS classic Doom through the bar and played it at some ridiculously wide resolution. I saw one YouTube comment suggest that it was 21:9, although we all know how reliable those comments are.

To be completely honest, I can barely make heads or tails as to what’s going on in the touch bar. I recognize when a door opens but that’s really about it. If someone manages to beat the entire game using that screen, then I’ll be very impressed!




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